The Perks of Being Single

10 perks as to why being single is the best time of your life

By: Jennifer Weeks

(Note: Written in May 2017)

In exactly two months I’ll be twenty-three years old, and I’ve spent the majority of those years as a single woman. You know what, though? Being single has been the best experience ever. I’m not in a rush to have a boyfriend or even to get married.

Ladies and gents, listen up! Don’t stress if you haven’t found the one yet, or if you’re not in a relationship. Love will come to you when it’s time and when you’re ready. Being single doesn’t mean you’re cursed and doomed to being forever alone. You won’t turn into a crazy cat lady, I promise.

With that being said, your single years should always be the best years of your life. These are the perks of being single, so start embracing your current relationship status!

One: no one is on top of you 24/7. Having freedom is a rare commodity, lately. Take advantage of it while you have it.

Two: you can have one-night stands! I’m not necessarily saying that you have to go out and get with everyone in sight or play the field on a regular basis, but I am saying that having the occasional fling, wouldn’t be the worst thing. Explore your options. Find out what you’re into and not into. Regardless, you can have meaningless sex with strangers without the complications of a relationship, and the best parts of this arrangement is you don’t even have to know their name nor do you have to feel bad about it. Make sure you use protection, though!

Three: limitless partying! When going out you don’t have to worry about being on someone else’s schedule. You can party, dance and hook up with whomever you want. You can let random strangers buy you drinks or go club hopping if you wanted to.

Four: you don’t need to worry about constant grooming. Personal hygiene is a must, so I’m not saying you can stop showering and brushing your teeth. However, additional upkeep like shaving your body hair everywhere shouldn’t have to be done routinely unless it’s your preference. Besides, who really enjoys waxing?

Five: you’re able to focus on your schoolwork without the distraction of a relationship. Whether you’re in high school or college, your education should be your top priority. When in a relationship, it can be difficult to juggle both, especially when you throw a job into the mix. Some people are miraculously able to handle it all, but personally, school is my number one priority and I know I can’t focus on having a relationship and make it work while being in school. If you can, then kudos to you.

Six: you can find yourself. When you’re single, you can learn so much about who you are. For instance: you can learn what qualities you like and don’t like in a person, you can discover whether or not you like being single, whether or not you enjoy going places alone and what you like to do for fun. You might even find your talent or passion for something. This is the perfect time to strive toward learning and doing what you love.

Seven: you save more money. When you’re in a relationship with someone, it can definitely become costly. Eating meals together, whether it’s cooking at home or going out to eat, has the potential to get pricy. Going out in general, whether it’s to the movies or mini golfing, costs money no matter what. Buying gifts for each other on holidays or birthdays is another wallet-drainer.  Without being in a relationship, you save money due to not having a constant reason to spend.

Eight: you can take spontaneous trips. You don’t need to clear your plans with someone else ahead of time or include the significant other in a weekend getaway. When you’re single, you don’t have to worry about them not approving of where you’re going or who you’re going with.

Nine: you’ve got more time to hang out with your friends, especially if they’re single as well. Back in high school, some of my closest friends had boyfriends or girlfriends and never had much time to hang out. If we did hang out, their significant other tagged along, so we never got one-on-one friend time with each other.

Ten: you can learn to gain confidence within yourself. When you’re in a relationship, your significant other boosts you up and tells you what you want to hear whether it’s words of encouragement or how nice they think you look. When you’re single, you have to find (and listen to) your own inner voice.

See? Being single has its advantages. However, being in a relationship is nice too, and when you’re ready and with the right person, it can be beautiful. For now though, stop viewing your single status as a bad thing when it’s not. Don’t stress if you’re seeing friends getting engaged or having kids on social media; it’s not the end of the world. Just remember, being single can be the best experience of your life if you let it!

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