The 12 Most Quintessential Fall Activities

Consider This Your Bucket List for The Season

By: Jennifer Weeks

Fall is officially here; the leaves change color, the temperature starts to become a little chilly, Halloween creeps in, and people start to break out their pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters.

Even though there are fewer hours of sunlight, that doesn’t mean the fun should end. There are so many fun activities to do this time of year.

Most people’s favorite activity in the fall is to go apple picking. The apple orchard farms are beautiful during this time, and it’s usually not an expensive trip.

There is something really refreshing and festive about going to orchards with such a variety. It’s nice to escape the city and get that country feel sometimes.

The farms will give you a plastic bag or basket to help you collect and carry all the apples you’ll buy, and they charge by the pound. You’re free to take and eat the apples as you browse the orchard.

This is what makes it a fun activity for anyone, whether it’s a date, family day out, or just something for you and your friends to do.

After you’ve finished collecting all those scrumptious apples, what better way to use them than to bake with them. Whether it’s a homemade apple pie or a simple apple tart, don’t let those apples go to waste.

Another great fall activity is the San Gennaro’s feast in New York City.

It is an Italian festival that is held in Little Italy every September and it runs for ten days. The streets of Little Italy would be lined with street vendors, street performers, food trucks and let’s not forget the bakeries where you can get cannolis!

I’m sure everyone’s most anticipated fall activity is pumpkin picking. That’s most definitely an activity all ages can enjoy and be excited for.

While being at the pumpkin patch, most locations have hay rides, or even corn mazes to get lost in. They really love Halloween themes with horror involved.

One way you can have even more fun with the pumpkins is to carve them into jack-o-lanterns or any other artsy design.

You could even paint and decorate them however you like. These all could be considered festive fall activities that are fun, and make for great decor.

If you’re not the decorating type, you can even take those pumpkins and make pumpkin soup or other fresh pumpkin recipes.

One commonly known event in fall is Oktoberfest. If you’re not familiar with Oktoberfest, it’s literally a month-long beer festival.

Some pubs and bars serve and have events where you can taste different types of beers. It originally started in Germany but eventually immigrated to the U.S.

It also starts in mid-September and runs through October.

Another autumn activity to enjoy is Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure. Every year, the park is decorated in Halloween décor, as well as employees dressed up in costumes, scaring patrons walking around the amusement park.

It’s such an enjoyable place to be, between going on rides, seeing the live shows they put on, going through the haunted houses and hayrides through the makeshift woods.

You can even enjoy fall themed treats like candy apples and candy corn.

If you’re looking to go a little further out, there is the Eastern State Penitentiary located in Philadelphia, PA.

It is an abandoned correctional facility that was once a working prison, where the famous gangster Al Capone served time among many others.

The penitentiary is now a tourist site and is rumored to be haunted. Every year, the staff puts on a haunted house exhibit called Terror Behind the Walls. Each year the theme is different, and have live actors as part of the attraction.

If you’re looking to stay local, there are tons of haunted houses to visit in Manhattan, but the best one to visit is Blood Manor. It’s pricey but they have professional actors.

Although most states do not do this, sometimes there are movie nights in cemeteries. This may sound unconventional, but it fits perfect with the spooky fall and Halloween theme.  

When this type of event is held, you can bring your own lawn chairs or blankets and spread out on the grassy areas where they bring out a giant inflatable tv screen and projector.

Lastly, having your own Halloween themed party is a great activity that will get you in the ghoulish spirit while partying with your friends. Plus, it gives you an excuse to eat candy.

Enjoy this season while you can, before you know it, you’ll be hearing Christmas bells.

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