Get Back to Your Roots

Steps to Going Natural and Maintaining Healthy Hair

By: Priscilla De Silva

Beginning as a promotion of self-love, the natural hair movement has women all over the world putting down their straighteners, both chemical and heat based, to wear their hair in its natural form.

By leaving the hair free to kink and curl the way it was intended to, your hair can transform from thin and droopy to thick, long, and healthy.

With these steps, anyone who is sick of their hair damage can join the journey to beautiful, strong hair.

#1- Cut Off The Damage

Everything must be done from scratch, so to start your path as a natural haired girl, the damaged hair must first be cut off. Without cutting, the weak ends of your hair will break off– taking the new growth of healthy hair with it.

It is important to find a stylist who specializes in your hair type, so call around and make consultation appointments before you get the actual hair cut; then, figure out what cut you want to get.

If short hair isn’t your style, then a transitional cut is for you. This means you keep the length of your hair as you transition and only cut an inch at a time.  

This leaves more options for styling your hair, but will take longer for the damaged hair to be completely cut out.

However, if you’re sick of the damage and need results now, then going for the ‘Big Chop’ is what’s best.

It consists of cutting all the damaged hair out all at once, leaving you with a short pixie poof of curls. You are limited to a few styles, but you won’t have to worry about cutting your hair for a long time.

This process ensures your hair will grow nice and even.

#2- Be Consistent

After cutting your hair, you may be thinking you can just roll out of bed and head out the door.Wrong!

Though the thought of healthy hair is great, keeping your hair healthy is a huge commitment and vital to growth.

Moisture is key when maintaining those curly locks. This means deep conditioners have to be scheduled daily and consistently.

Pick two to three days out of the week dedicated to giving your hair the attention it needs.

For women on the go this can be problematic as it takes time to wash, deep condition, and style your hair.

Find a balance. Try washing your hair before bed, and styling it in the morning.

As the number of washes a week goes up, so does the amount you need to spend on hair products, as you will need to re-stock constantly.

It can get expensive, especially in the beginning, as you experiment with which products work best for you, and it will sometimes seem impossible.

But don’t worry, because there is plenty of help available to you online!

#3- Research

As the natural hair care business expanded, so did the need for how-to videos and product reviews.

Hundreds of professional youtubers and professional hair stylists dedicate their blogs to helping people with their hair, uploading how-to videos to the internet. There are even reviews of natural hair products that are cheaper in price and works well with all the different hair types.

Research which bloggers you like best that have a similar hair texture to yours. This will act as a guide to finding the right products that work for your hair needs without wasting money on products that don’t.

#4- Love Yourself and Have Fun

Finally, have fun with the experience. Create funky, new styles.

The journey will go a lot faster that way. At the end, not only will you have healthier hair, but the love and respect you have for yourself will double as well.

Remember, you know your hair better than anyone else and it’s unique to you and only you.

Show the world that you are beautiful just the way you are.

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