Sex and Relationships

What Can Go Wrong When You’re Swiping Right

The Cons of Tinder and Online Dating

By: Eddie Martinez

Online dating has been made easier for anyone seeking intimate relationships or a casual hookup, the downside is there are many negatives to it compared to actually dating.

Tinder is one of the many but more mainstream apps for people to socialize and seek what they’re into for their love life. Although people find it to be more efficient, the problem about online dating is it’s very different from physically meeting and seeking a significant other.

When you make a profile on Tinder, you set up your bio and tell a little about yourself and choose 6 pictures that can be seen. You pick who you want to see your profile from men to women or both and how far they can be.

When your profile becomes public, people get the opportunity to see your bio and look at your pictures.

Other online profiles get to swipe left to “dislike” or swipe right to “like” your profile. The new user also gets to like or dislike the profiles presented to them.

If you and another profile both swipe right and like each other, it becomes a “match.” When two profiles match, they then get to direct message each other and the online dating begins.

Tinder gives a pretty simple concept, but there’s much more to it–which can be strenuous to some because of the negatives.

Those opposed to Tinder have discontent due to having to like or dislike profiles by just reading bios and looking at pictures.

It can be seen as shallow to some, having to base their interests in someone by a couple of pictures and a small biography.

Another issue lies in how people present their profiles, some may have no bio with one picture or no pictures at all.

It becomes difficult to like a profile that has nothing to look upon. A blank profile also plays a part in having to figure out if someone’s profile is authentic or not.

Someone could make a fake profile–which can be dangerous, just watch Catfish on TV.

Tinder also doesn’t allow you to send pictures in messages, so it becomes a hassle to have confirmation that someone’s profile is real.

When people’s profiles match, it turns into the game of who writes who first. A person can find themselves with a good amount of matches but with no messages.

This can be an issue for those not wanting to make the first move. It’s hard enough to make the first move in person, but with online dating, it defeats the purpose of matching with someone and getting the opportunity to message them.

Another problem people have is having to figure out what their matches are looking for. Some people put on their profiles exactly what they want from seeking dates, relationships, or sex.

Others would have to engage in inquisitive conversation in order to find out, which could lead to giving someone the wrong idea and ultimately turning them off.

It becomes an issue for someone who is looking for a relationship to match with someone who is strictly just into casual sex or vice versa.

The best thing to do when doing Tinder or any dating site is: be consistent with your profile.

Make sure you have a clean profile and are clear in what you’re looking for, avoid these situations and find the perfect match.

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