“Grey’s Anatomy” is Back At It With Season 14

A Re-Cap of the Hit Show’s Intense Four New Episodes

By: Jessica Scarimbolo


On September 28, “Grey’s Anatomy” returned for its 14th season with a bombshell. Let’s re-cap but beware, there are spoilers ahead.

The premiere episode was a two-hour special filled with every aspect a fan could hope for to tie up last season’s loose ends.

Season 13 ended with resident Stephanie Edwards setting Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on fire to save a patient.

Though successful, she leaves the hospital due to the trauma of her experience.

The new season picks up where we left off where Miranda Bailey, Chief of General Surgery, is explaining the cosmetic changes coming to the hospital as a result of the damages.

Another plot twist that left audiences reeling at the end of the last season was the discovery of Megan Hunt, Owen Hunt’s sister.

Owen is the head of the trauma surgery staff, and previously served as a Major in the United States Army along with his sister.

10 years prior, Megan had disappeared, and it has since been revealed that Megan had been held captive, contrary to beliefs that she died a decade ago.

Season 14 has Megan being treated in Grey Sloan for the damage she endured during captivity.

Though we wish that show creator Shonda Rhimes would surprise fans and tell us Derek Shepherd is also not actually dead, we are happy for Owen and his excitement, although with disbelief, regarding his sister’s status.

“Jolex” fans will be happy to know that surgical resident Jo Wilson, and Head of Pediatrics Alex Karev, shared some steamy kisses in the most recent episodes, including falling asleep together at the end of episode four.

However, “Japril” fans will not be as satisfied as “Jolex” fans.

April shares her feelings with Jackson that she feels uncomfortable with their casual sex. After getting emotional, she tells Jackson that she thinks it would be best to move out of their house.

Head of Fetal Surgery, Arizona Robbins, was briefly dating Eliza Minnick, a doctor hired to monitor the hospital surgical program. When Bailey realized things were not going completely well under Minnick’s supervision, she was fired, and after which stopped answering Arizona’s calls.

Season 14, however, shows hope for a new relationship, this time between Arizona Robbins and a new doctor at the hospital Carina DeLuca.

Though the season has only just begun, Arizona and Carina’s relationship seems to be escalating quickly.

Meredith Grey spent the majority of season 13 being secretly intimate with Nathan Riggs, a cardiothoracic surgeon at the hospital.

Nathan was in love with Megan before she disappeared. After accepting her death and moving on, Riggs felt confident starting a new relationship with Meredith who had lost her husband a few years prior.

When Megan returns, the three become caught in a love triangle, though Meredith eventually convinces Megan that she no longer has feelings for Nathan, and that they are free to reignite their relationship.

Perhaps the most shocking part of the premiere was discovering that Amelia Shepherd, Head of Neurosurgery, had a massive brain tumor.

In her time on the show, Amelia has proven to be strong and brave, and this situation proves no different.

After keeping it from her friends and coworkers at the hospital, she seeks the help of her former professor Dr. Koracik.

Ultimately, her treatment seems to have successfully removed the tumor, despite Amelia’s brief confusion after waking.

Shonda Rhimes never fails to constantly keep the audience at the edge of their seats.

Though only four episodes into this season, it has already been packed with exciting, jaw-dropping scenes.

This season will undoubtedly leave audience members anxious to see what the rest of the season brings and all the emotions that come with it.

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