Llama Mia!

Llamas and Alpacas are the Perfect Wedding Crashers

By: Clara Perez

Llamas and alpacas can assist as wedding guests. (Credit: @weddingllamas via Instagram)

These therapy llamas and alpacas have an exciting lease on life as the most adorable four-legged wedding guests you will ever have.

Mountain Peaks, home of the therapy llamas and alpacas, was started in 2007 as a non-profit organization whose goal is to utilize animal-assisted therapy to educate, calm and delight people of all ages.

The Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas & Alpacas team are fully-trained and are an Animal-Assisted Therapy Certified group of 4 llamas and 3 alpacas, all with their own unique stories, names and personalities.

The most noted and well-known llama of the pack is Rojo aka- “World’s Most Beloved Llama” pictured on the right in the photo.

This 15-year-old local celebrity has made hundreds of visits to children’s hospitals, schools, senior facilities, homes for the disabled and other fundraising events.

Rojo has been awarded the record holder as the #1 “Beyond the Showring” public relations llama in the world, beating out 200,000 other llamas to earn his spot.

As if being a world record holder wasn’t enough, Rojo will soon have his own series of children books which are sure to please.

Another famous member of the pack is Napoleon, the first registered therapy alpaca to join the Mountain Peaks team, pictured on the left in the photo.

This much smaller in size, handsome guy, may not be the biggest of the pack but his personality sure is.

Napoleon was donated to Mountain Peaks from another alpaca farm in Washington and has been using his small stature and unique and bold personality to make amazing visits with wheelchair bound patients and bedside visits.

He has also got to meet another famous figure during his travels- Ted Danson.

These two-toed attention grabbers are not only cute but due to their training they are loving, patient and have the perfect demeanor around party guests of any age.

Their work is so impressive and memorable that they have been featured in numerous magazines, t.v. shows, articles and even books.

Mentioned as one of best-selling author, Jennifer Holland’s, Unlikely Heroes and featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, makes this therapy team a force to be cuddled with.

The llama and alpaca team is available for events in and around the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.

The cost of these fancy guests ranges from $200-$300 for two, which will go up depending on how far these festive guys have to travel and how long they will be entertaining your other party guests.

Once at your event, the llamas and alpacas will be happy to take photos with you and your friends and family in a variety of poses and settings.

You can even request what these show-stealing bunch will wear to your wedding.

They have accessories from tiny top hats to bridal veils to floral garlands and even decorative cuffs to adorn their ankles.

As long as you are accepting of the fact that these fancy, four-legged guests are almost guaranteed to steal your thunder on your wedding day, inviting these therapy llamas and alpacas might just be the easiest and best decision you can make.

If you’re interested in renting Rojo and Napoleon or any of their other teammates, be sure to visit to learn about each animal, pricing and travel range.

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