Green Day Releases New Album

Band Bashes Trump Again in New Song

By: Anthony Russo

Members of Green Day have never been shy in expressing their political stances. (Credit:

Pop punk/punk rock band Green Day has released a new album called “Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band”, first made available on November 17.

Green Day’s most popular albums, “American Idiot” (2004) and “Dookie” (1994) dominated the tracklist, as those albums consisted for nine of their 22 songs released. The album included 22 songs, a collection of their most popular songs, along with one new song and studio recorded duet with Miranda Lambert.

Controversial songs that missed out on Green Day’s Greatest Hits album were “East Jesus Nowhere” (“21st Century Breakdown”, 2009), “Let Yourself Go” (“Uno”, 2012),“Waiting” (“Warning”, 2000) and “Jesus of Suburbia” (“American Idiot”, 2004).   

The duet, which featured “Ordinary World” from Green Day’s most recent album “Revolution Radio”, is a revised song with some lyrics from Lambert. Originally “Ordinary World” was recorded as a solo song by Green Day’s lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong along with his acoustic guitar play.

“Ordinary World” was the final song on the track of “Revolution Radio” and was formed into a movie, Armstrong as the protagonist.

Green Day’s Greatest Hits album released a new song called “Back in the USA” that declared the band’s displeasure toward President Donald Trump.

This wasn’t the first time that Green Day publicly spoke out against President Trump. At the 2016 American Music Awards, just weeks after President Trump’s election victory, Green Day performed “Bang Bang” which was one of their singles from “Revolution Radio”.

During the songs guitar solo Armstrong shouted to the top of his lungs 6 times “No Trump, no KKK, no Fascist USA!”

About a year later, Green Day released “Back in the USA,” a song that bashes President Trump and mocks the political world in the United States. “Back in the USA” is designed by Green Day to mock President Trump’s manipulation tactics used on Americans.

Green Day also released a music video that depicts fake patriotism from certain people in the United States. Included in the music video is drummer Tre Cool and bass guitar player Mike Dirnt. Prominently represented in the music video are the black sunglasses which symbolizes “reality.”

When the sunglasses aren’t worn in the video, the band can’t see the truth, and instead see things such as “Presidential Address Tomorrow” on the cover of a newspaper. When either Cool, Dirnt or Armstrong puts on the sunglasses in the video, “Presidential Address Tomorrow” becomes “President to Lie to Nation Tonight.”

“American Idiot”, the album that revived Green Day that’s shaped them to what they are today, started their punk rock revolution towards political issues in the United States.

Though the album is considered a punk rock opera that tells the story of three Suburbia kids, Green Day attacked President George Bush’s administration at the time. Green Day’s attacks included issues pertaining alienation, speaking out against the government and revolting.
These issues in “American Idiot” are particularly prominent in songs like “Holiday”, “Letterbomb”, and the title track, “American Idiot”.

Green Day hasn’t released any news pertaining to a new album included with all news songs, but Armstrong told NME, “it’s all systems go” on adapting their “American Idiot” album into a movie.

Green Day hasn’t started shooting the movie just yet, but HBO has given them their approval.

Green Day’s “Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band” is available to be downloaded and listened to on Spotify and available on iTunes for $12.99.

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