Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With Vision Boards

An Inspirational DIY That Manifests Your Goals

By: Veronica Pistek

Vision boards are a unique and creative way to organize your dreams and aspirations. (Credit:

There is an unexplainable magic to visualizing your goals at the start of every new beginning in your life.

Whether you break down your goals into action steps, plan a long-term future for yourself, or take it day by day and hope that your dreams become a reality, following your joy and taking creative action is the most exciting thing that you can do.

Vision boards, also known as dream boards, are a simple and enjoyable device you can personalize to enable visualization and inspiration.

By creating a tangible source for your passion-bursting ideas, you will begin to follow down the path you yearn to pave.

By symbolizing your specific goals and aspirations with physical images, your emotional drive will be strengthened. So, get buckle up, and get ready to stimulate the energy that exists deep within you to make your dreams happen.

To create a vision board, you must first set your intentions.

It can be a combination of multiple lifetime goals, a yearly set of endeavors, a set of health-centered goals, a mixture of images that spell out your future for relationships, careers, home-living, and even a visual of your spiritual desires.

Once you establish your purpose, you can begin the creative and entertaining production.

Find pictures that represent the possessions, spirit, experiences, and feelings you aim to energize in your life. You can search the Internet, cut out magazine images, or take your own photographs—just remember that you should use only images that truly speak to you.

It is also important to add in a few motivational words or mantras that affirm your capabilities.

There’s nothing wrong with having a physical goal of owning a Ferrari and a mansion in California, but adding words that describe the ultimate goal for feelings such as happiness, health, and strength will instill your emotional motivation and keep you grounded.

Now that you are focused on a theme of goals and have collected a bunch of symbols to inspire you, it’s time to make a board that suits your personal aesthetic.

For example, some might prefer a simple whiteboard to start filling with their dreams, while others might put their ideas together on an easily changeable corkboard, or even in a frame to serve as a permanent reminder.

If you’re having trouble with transferring your ideas into a tangible result, scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram is never a bad idea. You can even watch YouTube tutorials of how to make your motivation turn into a post-worthy creation.

Your vision board should reflect only you. Disregard any goals that your friends might have or that your family members might want you to embark upon.

Creating a vision board is a personal process that takes internal stimulation and aspirations that you are seriously hoping to achieve.

To experience the benefits of your newly made board in the most fulfilling manner, place your vision board in a spot that you will see every day.

Places such as above your bed, on your door, or near a mirror are helpful to set up each morning with bursting motivation and energy to succeed.

Spending each morning or each night visualizing is powerful and essential to internalizing and eventually externalizing your goals.

Believing that you have the ability to actually work toward something that one might only dream of is key to following the path of commitment and manifestation.

As time goes on, and you may have fulfilled some of your goals, reflect upon your board and keep it as a time capsule.

Keeping records of your personal journey is proven to be beneficial, and will provide you with constant present energy to never stop moving forward.

Remember, we all start off small and timid. As time allows us to grow, we build roots that are strong enough to endure a mighty force.

Just as a mighty oak tree starts off as an acorn, the same potential for evolution and beauty lives in you.

By visualizing what you’d like to create within your life, you will start to only spend time on what is actually important. What you focus on focuses on you.

Specifically, straying away from little anxieties and reinforcing your mind with self-expressed affirmations will enable you to believe how much you already are the you that you desire to be.

If you are a dreamer that is striving to create a future that seems unattainable, a vision board will help you remove yourself from the realm of your dreams and into the reality of an achiever.

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