A Guide for the Morning Haters

Tips For Tricking Yourself Into Becoming a Morning Person

By: Jessica Scarimbolo

Training your body to thrive in the morning can be quite beneficial for student life. Credit:

Mornings – you either love them or hate them.

If it seems every morning you are grudgingly dragging your body out of bed long after your alarm has beeped, it’s time to trick yourself into becoming a morning person.

Shockingly, becoming one is easier than you might think. Faking it until you make it as a morning person is absolutely crucial as a college student, especially if you are obligated to take an 8 a.m. class.

One good tip is to set schedules for yourself; forcing yourself to become a creature of habit is surely one way to make the mornings a little more tolerable.

Start your nightly routine a bit earlier. Though it may seem obvious, you should go to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier.

If you can eat your dinner before 7:30 p.m. and then immediately wash your face, brush your teeth, and change into your pajamas, you will have more time to relish in your beauty slumber.

It is also beneficial to set a schedule for the next day the night before. If you go to sleep well-aware of all that is in store for you the next day, you are more likely to get out of bed immediately after waking up.

When your alarm goes off, try to get out of bed immediately. It may sound impossible, but it is a method that strengthens your willpower to not hit the snooze button.

If you can’t seem to get out of bed without hitting the snooze button a few times, try putting your phone farther away from your bed.

Instead of having it on your night table, keeping your phone on a dresser or another piece of furniture on the opposite side of your room. This will force you to get out of bed in order to stop hearing the dreaded alarm beep.

With that said, if you still have trouble feeling renewed and refreshed upon waking up, a nap could help if it is done correctly. Napping incorrectly could ruin a person’s sleeping schedule.

Be sure not to nap too late in the day; feeling your peak of exhaustion around midday is normal. If possible, you should attempt to keep your nap limited to a half hour or less in the middle of the afternoon.

Starting your day with a glass of water and a healthy breakfast is also a great tip. Stepping out of bed and getting yourself moving right after your alarm goes off enables your day to begin with a fresh start.

Not only does walking around your house incorporate some fitness, it aids to properly fuel your body for the long day ahead.

One of the best things to do in the morning is open up your window and soak up the sunlight. You may be thinking how painful it seems to expose your eyes to that awfully bright sunlight first thing in the morning, but taking in some Vitamin D is a great way to refresh your body and be energized for the day ahead.

It’s even better to throw yourself a dance party. Though this is fun to do any day, it seems even more necessary on days that you struggle to get your day started.

While you put on your makeup or drink your morning coffee, try putting on some of your favorite songs.

On a day that is filled with work and other stressful activities, it is essential to plan something exciting for yourself. Creating a desire to look forward to each day makes it easier to hop out of bed in the morning.

It’s not easy for people to immediately switch from hating mornings to loving them, but why not try.

Whatever makes the morning more bearable, right?

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