Open Your Queer Eye to a Woke Lifestyle

Netflix’s “Queer Eye” is Making America Fab Again

By: Veronica Pistek

The Fab Five: Antoni Polowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, and Tan France. Credit: NBC News

Living in a woke era, it is not outrageous to witness five gay men being entirely themselves on television.

The Netflix reboot, “Queer Eye”, not only opens the door for acceptance, but also encourages a healthy and happy lifestyle for all men that watch the series.

The Fab Five include Antoni, the food guy; Jonathan, the groomer; Karamo, the culture expert; Bobby, the interior designer and Tan, the fashion expert.

Through each man’s field of expertise, the Fab Five combine forces to help a man restructure major aspects of his life and gain unstoppable confidence.

This Netflix series highlights the idea that as a man (and especially as a human), you need to take control of your own life and make time to save yourself.

In a world buzzing with masculinity, it is common for men to neglect their hygiene, eat easily accessible food, wear clothing that they are just comfortable in, live in a place that is neither fabulous nor functional, and mainly forget to care for themselves as deeply as they should.  

Starting with daily hygiene, a man is not usually taught to take care of his skin as women are told all across the media to take time to have glowing skin.

A man should not be frowned upon if he decides to freshen up his dry skin or use product to tone down his natural oils. Just as many women are exposed to beauty regimens, men should be aware that good skin is also a sign of a healthy body.

Maintaining your locks and facial hair is another important area that tends to get neglected. A man that has a fresh haircut and clean facial hair will feel a burst of newfound confidence.

Take the extra time to moisturize your skin and apply that hair gel. It will make you feel like your life is falling slowly into place.

Another generalized “feminine” area of life – fashion – is a routine that men typically spend no more than two minutes thinking about each morning.

Men should not repress their charm and character to wear clothes that are “masculine” and “trendy”. A man, just as all humans, should embrace their unique sense of self and express their own personal style.

Think about the men in your life and their personalities. Often, their fashion style does not reflect their inner persona.

Whether it be through wearing a bold button-down or a fresh blazer, there are endless ways for men to enhance their personal style. Feeling comfortable in your own clothing and sporting individual style has no gender.

Guilty as many humans are, men are stereotypically meat-lovers that drool over crispy bacon and savor every bite of steak.

Having a protein-packed diet is not necessarily the worst thing that one can do, but it is definitely essential to make some room for some tasty variation.

Yes, it is unrealistic to make a fresh, gourmet meal each day with our busy schedules, but carving out time each week to create a healthy dinner masterpiece will impress your friends, your partner, and most definitely yourself.

Many say that the space that you live in dictates how you feel. If you inhabit a house that does not feel like a home—unfurnished, lacking color, and is disorganized and messy, it is easy to feel as though you are lacking a sense of comfortability.

If you decide to spruce up your space and update the pictures on your wall, re-freshen the paint, re-organize your closet, and purchase a few new statement pieces that reflect your personality, you will feel like your area of living reflects stability and your true self.

Just as women struggle with self-esteem, men also deal with internalized insecurities that can eat away at their confidence.

The man that is afraid to break out of a toxic relationship, the man that does not feel bold enough at work, and the man who is fearful of dressing “feminine” are all subjects that surely need to watch “Queer Eye” to be inspired to create an improved lifestyle.

So, it might seem unfamiliar and scary to take charge of your life. Dealing with uncharted territory like self-care, home-design, healthy eating, expressing your style, and feeling confident are definitely not simple and instantaneous.

Taking energy and time to improve yourself in more than one area of living will open up your best queer eye—and just might help you create a lifestyle as fierce as the Fab Five.


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