A New Course Of Santa Clarita

Taking a Bite Into Season II of “Santa Clarita Diet”

By: Mohamed Mahmoud


Season 2 of “Santa Clarita Diet” was released on March 23rd on Netflix with a whopping number of 10 episodes.

For those of who are new to the series, Santa Clarita Diet is a dark comedy that revolves around a sociopathic realtor of a mother who recently turned into a murderous cannibal and must find a way to maintain her urges and still keep a normal life.

Going into the second season there is a warm atmosphere and it is entertaining as the series continue to progress.

Within a lot of the scenes, you may find yourself enjoying a good laugh on behalf of some of the jokes.

The series writing is funny and quirky. The interactions between Joel who plays the role of the husband, Sheila, who is the main character, and their child Abby is more than just entertaining.

In this new season, Eric Bemis has been given a bigger story arc.

As opposed to the previous season, he was practically a regular in most episodes. Eric was even able to find a love interest in this season.

Though it is hard to contain the excitement surrounding this show, spoilers will be avoided.

The most interesting thing about this show is that since it is a comedy show, it is expected to not take itself very seriously.

However, the screenplay itself is exceptional. Despite the twists and turns of the plot, the storyline follows through coherently.

The writers behind this series are well aware that this is a cop-out show. Thus, many characters need to cover up bodies, lies and fake situations – all which kind of mimics a sense of Dexter.

Let’s not forget that there is also a bit of a fantasy lore element.

In season two, there is some complex Serbian stuff that deals with an ancient book. As the plot thickens, more of this fantasy is explored.

Not only will you witness some peculiar creatures, you will encounter more on the lore of the zombies throughout this season.

There were also some defining computer-generated image scenes. The images of some creatures combined with severed limbs and other gory scenes are sure to keep your interest.

The makers of this series create these scenes that strike the watcher as unbelievably real.

Even though you are well aware that a person’s fingers do not bend so far back, it is shocking to witness this happen to a zombie.

Overall, the cast generally remained the same for season two. You might encounter a couple of new faces, as well the return of Joel McHale to the series.

So, while watching season two, you can expect to be shocked by a few interesting cameos, as well as new character cameos.

Throughout these ten episodes, the viewers get to know what actually caused the people to transform into zombies. Fans also get a taste of some of the cures and get to see whether or not the cure will remain permanent.

Not going unnoticed, there is a very compelling cliffhanger at the end of episode ten, leaving the viewer wanting season three already.

Season 2 definitely brought fully on intensity, along with a multitude of important events, despite the many filler episodes that were included in the first season.

Viewers can expect to be intrigued from start to finish.

Hopefully, Santa Clarita can continue strongly into season 3, answering the questions and interests of the raving fans.

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