Archie Comics Take on a Dark Plot In CW’s “Riverdale”

The Addictive Series Has Fans Dying for More

By: Brooke Price

The main characters of “Riverdale” (from left to right); Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, Josie McCoy, Cheryl Blossom, Kevin Keller, Betty Cooper, and Archie Andrews. (Credit:

The television show “Riverdale” portrays the Archie Comics series in a darker light.  

The series takes place in the fictional town of Riverdale, in which the first season revolves around the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, and the tragic events that led up to his death.

The show contains a murder mystery concept throughout each season. The viewers guess who the killer could be, while no character is safe since everyone begins to doubt their closest allies.

Dark secrets are also revealed throughout season one and the current season, season two. Forbidden secret romances, long lost relatives, murders, hidden secrets, and the corruption of the seemingly perfect town of Riverdale are all themes that are continuously explored.

The show encompasses a diverse group of characters. Some of these characters include redhead Archie Andrews, played by KJ Apa, a high school jock, who is close friends with Jughead Jones, a member of the gang, the South Side Serpents, played by Cole Sprouse.

Lilli Reinhart portrays Betty Cooper, the intelligent blonde, who appears to be from an ideal, perfect family.

Camila Mendes plays Veronica Lodge, the rich city girl from New York, who moves to Riverdale and prepares to become involved in her family’s secret business.

Ashleigh Murray portrays Josie McCoy, leader of the band “Josie and the Pussycats,” and the mayor’s daughter.

Madelaine Petsch plays the wealthy and manipulative Cheryl Blossom, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Casey Cott plays Kevin Keller, who is openly gay and Betty’s best friend. He is also the town sheriff’s son.

Throughout the seasons, each of the main characters undergoes a story arc in which they uncover truths which have been hidden from them. They continue to learn more about themselves as each season progresses.

Season 2 introduced some new faces to the screen, including the addition of the mysterious businessman, and father of Veronica Lodge, Hiram Lodge, who is played by Mark Consuelos.

Some other characters include Toni Topaz, a Southside Serpent, played by Vanessa Morgan and Chic Cooper, Betty’s devious half-brother, played by Hart Denton.

If you are wondering what to expect, here is a brief rundown.

The first season revolves around the mysterious death of Jason Blossom, Cheryl Blossom’s twin brother. The characters later investigate and discover the dark truth of the town of Riverdale.  

The show is currently airing episodes of it’s highly anticipated second season.

In this season, the malevolent perpetrator called the Black Hood brings chaos and hostility to the quaint town of Riverdale, causing characters to act in such ways that were once seemingly impossible.  

There will even be an upcoming musical episode in which the characters of “Riverdale” put on a production of Carrie the Musical.

“Riverdale” has garnered a massive cult following. Many fans tune in on the CW network to watch the captivating show and live tweet every moment.

“Riverdale” has such a large following, that a company called Creation Entertainment has planned an official Riverdale Convention in Chicago and New Jersey. The company has announced that most of the cast from the show is coming to the convention.

The convention will take place on April 28th to the 29th and will be held in the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois. The company has also planned to have another “Riverdale” convention on October 6th to the 7th, which will be located in the Hilton Parsippany in Parsippany, New Jersey.

At the convention, fans can ask questions to the “Riverdale” panel, dress up as characters from the show, and pose for pictures and receive autographs from the actors.  

As season two progresses, viewers can expect drama, gory, shocking secrets, and cold-hearted truth. So, get ready to dive into the dark town of Riverdale and hope to never return.

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