Macaulay Honors College Hosts Galaxy Themed Spring Formal

May the Fun Be With You at Spring Formal

By: Veronica Pistek

Students filled the dance floor to dance all night long. (Credit: Shawn Abraham)

On Saturday, May 5, 2018, CUNY students from all across New York City wore their most out-of-this world outfits for the space-themed Spring Formal at Macaulay Honors College in Manhattan.

The College of Staten Island Macaulay Honors students, along with their neighboring CUNY college students, travelled to party to celebrate the nearing end of the semester with their friends, many photos, lots of food, and dancing that lasted all night long.

Organized by the 2017-2018 Macaulay Scholars Council, the Spring Formal attracted students from Brooklyn College, City College, Baruch College, Hunter College, Queens College, John Jay College, Lehman College, and the College of Staten Island.

Upon entering the quaint building just a few blocks down from Central Park, the celestial decorations inside immediately gave the impression of a night sky filled with stars.

There was a photo booth, respectively with a galaxy themed background and the opportunity to take photos with a life size blow-up alien.

Next to the photo-booth, a glitter tattoo station was set up to get students in the vibrant space-spirit and dress up their sparkling outfits.

As more students arrived, they rushed to mingle with familiar classmates, and even branched out to meet some new faces from each of the eight CUNY campuses.

While students posed with their friends for Instagram-worthy photos, the screening room upstairs played Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy for students to watch and enjoy.

Since the night was still young, the staff provided the attendees with delicious Middle Eastern food, Asian-style food, and various snacks to indulge in.

There were even delicious mocktails that everyone from freshmen to seniors sipped on throughout the night.

Meanwhile, a group of Macaulay Honors College musicians accompanied the mingling portion of the evening with live upbeat jazz music.

Long awaited throughout the event, students finally rushed to the basement to dance their way out of this planet and into outer-space. The music sent students into a state of euphoria, forgetting about the stress of finals and focusing on having a great time with great friends.

The Freshman Macaulay Scholars Council Representative of CSI, Shawn Abraham, took to explaining the inner-workings of the highly-anticipated event.

It took several months to organize the Spring Formal under the leadership of Maisha Kamal, Macaulay Scholars Council President, and Destiny Batista, Vice President of Student Life. Our Student Life Committee ran this wonderful event.”

Abraham, beaming with pride, explained how efficient the Macaulay Scholars Council worked together.

“From finding a DJ and a live band, to the decorations, and even just ordering the delicious food, the council was on top of everything. Although the Student Life Committee was in charge of this event, our IT and Communications Committee led by Samah Islam was in charge of letting people know about the event through social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.”

Abraham continued to describe how “The majority of students attending were from our College of Staten Island Class of 2021. Our goal during the next academic year is to have events tailored toward home campuses, instead of focusing just on Macaulay Central in Manhattan.”

As the College of Staten Island students are often discouraged to travel during the school week to attend events in Manhattan, the representative explained, “We are planning on creating more attention toward the Macaulay at CSI aspect to remind students about their home campuses and what it can offer in conjunction with Macaulay.”

Ending on a positive note, Abraham expressed his jubilance by stating, “Overall, the event was beautiful and it was really awesome to see all of my good friends at our Spring Formal! I wish I knew how to dance as good as my friends‒but I took plenty of notes for next year!”

Many CSI students travelled a distance to attend this event, but many would agree that it did not disappoint.

Macaulay Honors College and CSI student, Lauren Silverman, saw the Spring Formal as a positive opportunity.

While spending the night on the dance floor with her friends, Silverman stated that “The Macaulay Spring Formal is a great opportunity to meet people from other campuses. I think our campus is special because of its small size, but it’s nice to connect with people from the other Macaulay locations because we don’t see them very often. I think distance is a barrier for CSI, but making the trip into the city is totally worth it when we have the opportunity to connect with our diverse Macaulay community.”

Hopefully, this Spring Formal marks the beginning of bridging the gap between the College of Staten Island and the rest of the CUNY campuses throughout New York City.

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