Patriots’ Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Engaged in Feud

Surprising Tension May Spell End of Dynasty

By: Eric Ransom

Despite the success of the Patriots, cracks in the armor are being revealed amongst the core of the team. (Credit:

For years, the Patriots have been at the pinnacle of football success.

Where all other teams struggled to keep up, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft (amongst cheating scandals) scooped up Super Bowl victories one after the other, seemingly with no end – until now.

In what may be one of the more surprising turns of events in all of sports, the once impenetrable Patriots may be crumbling from the inside.

Reports from sportswriters and analysts across the spectrum are picking up on a developing rift between superstar Pats quarterback Tom Brady and head Coach Bill Belichick.

Between the two, both have amassed five Super Bowl titles in eight tries and 15 AFC East titles, including nine in a row. Brady has won three MVP’s with Belichick winning three Coach of the Year Awards, a relationship full of dominance beginning in 2001.

The duo is considered to be the greatest player/coach partnership in football history and could be almost certainly first ballot Hall of Famers.

That is until recently, in which Brady and Belichick have been butting heads, enough to question how much longer this dynasty may last – possibly even ending after the upcoming season.

A report by Tom Curran of NBC Boston says that Brady may going against his head coach, as well as talk show host Colin Cowherd saying that he feels Brady is leading a “revolt.”

Brady and Belichick are known for having powerful, competitive personalities, and with their egos clashing, it have may have been just a matter of time.

Although the Patriots have had constant success over the last 15-plus years, even their judgement was put into question.

One of the more controversial decisions the Patriots have made came in 2017, when Patriots owner Robert Kraft suggested that the team trade their young promising quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Brady, 40, was still dominating the league, but with older age being a factor, a new quarterback was being bred to succeed Brady should he retire.

Instead, Garoppolo was traded to the San Francisco 49ers for draft picks, ensuring Brady would remain at the forefront for much longer.

Belichick strongly disagreed with the move and Brady denied any involvement in the decision making process. The feeling was that the future of the Patriots was compromised for the benefit of Brady’s position in the team.

More denial flooded the news, as Kraft stated that he didn’t recommend Belichick to trade the young quarterback after all.

In a more “personal” act between Brady and Belichick, personal trainer Alex Guerrero, who has been with Brady for years, recently was denied further access to Gillette Stadium by Belichick himself.

Brady credits his incredible shape and endurance to the regimens that Guerrero works with, stretching his career as far as age 40 to this point. Over time, the atmosphere of Guerrero and Brady’s workout program has spread to other players, almost forcing them to utilize it.  

Some have described it as becoming a “cult.”

Belichick then took action by banning Guererro from Gillette Stadium late in the regular season last year.

Brady has commented on this alleged feud, assuring the NFL world that there is nothing wrong.

“I can only speak for myself and really my relationships with everybody that I deal with I feel are so positive. To think anything differently of that is complete nonsense,” said Brady.

Amongst the tension, the Patriots still managed to appear in their eighth Super Bowl, losing to the Philadelphia Eagles, 41-33.

Belichick, 66, will remain with the Patriots and will commit to coaching them for the upcoming 2018 season, after rumors of taking a job with the New York Giants.

With Brady and Belichick only getting older, time is certainly not on the Patriots’ side. Time will tell how much this feud should be taken seriously, as well as just how long this Patriots dynasty could continue before it finally comes to an end.

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