Leave Your Love After College or Go Long Distance?

How To Consider Your Relationship After Graduation

By: Dominick Wojtas

Juggling relationships and career pursuits can be quite a challenging obstacle to overcome. (Credit:

You can see it now‒dressed in a cap and gown, smiling as your family forces you to pose for graduation pictures.

Everything is going well‒no more night-shift cramming sessions, no more college-level arthritis from typing pages without end.

You may have a job lined up now, perhaps in an exciting foreign location.

Yet there is a biting aspect of your life that needs to be dealt with. It lingers in your mind as they call your name, about to walk across the podium.

What is to become of your current relationship?

Perhaps your secondary school bae has been there by your side through the thick and thin of college life. You’ve stood your ground, disregarding the mating calls of various temptors or temptresses.

You both have safely drove each other through the mental breakdowns associated with excessive schoolwork.

But, the truth is that times are changing. You’re both about to start the next chapter of your lives, it’s title: “Reality.”

In this new chapter, you’ll have to weigh certain factors certain to challenge your current relationship.

The job market now has no borders. Your dream job may have opened its arms to you on the other side of the country.

Your significant other has landed a job 10 miles away from campus.

Turning down your dream job just to be near your significant other may very likely become a decision that will infinitely haunt you with regret.

Essentially, planning your post-graduation life around your current partner will only cause you to resent them as they are the indirect cause of you giving up on your dreams. In the back of your mind this offense will be unforgivable.

The only way around this is a long-distance relationship.

These three words alone are enough to cause significant grief, but this grief is honestly unwarranted, for long-distance relationships may actually improve communication.

Studies show that in a long-distance relationship, couples share more about themselves through different platforms of communications such as SMS, chats, video calls and phone calls.

This distance can help you express deep feelings toward your significant other without the fear of being judged or respected in real-time.

Statistics show that 75% of all engaged couples have been (at some point) in a long distance relationship.

Long distance love is common. Millions of people are loving each other from afar at any given time. Though it is not ideal, long distance love may cause the heart to grow fonder.

Fortunately, due to the advent of smartphones and the internet,  it has become easier for couples remain in each others pockets at all times.

The only unreplicable key component of a relationship is physical touch. The absence of it comes easier for some than others. Remaining alone for an extended period of time is a test of will. If you both pass, it will only bring you closer.

If you falter out of temptation or loneliness, perhaps it was never meant to be anyway, and being in this LDR brought you necessary clarity.

Maybe you guys are quiet liberal. You still love each other but feel that remaining alone will significantly reduce your access to life’s pleasure.

Seeing other people while apart may even strengthen your bond. Dating new people can either prove or disprove the solidity of your current relationship.

You may date others only to realize that with each date your longingness for your significant other only grows. Or, perhaps you might end up finding a suitor more tailored toward your needs.

Whatever the case, despite all of the post-graduation emotional uncertainty, it is important to remember that the universe has a way of working things out.

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