One Degree Not Enough? CSI Has Plenty of Options

An Overview of Graduate Studies at CSI

By: Dominick Wojtas

There are plenty of options for a student pursuing a Master’s degree at CSI. (Credit:

Sometimes, having just one diploma doesn’t make you feel like you’ve had enough education. It’s okay to yearn for more knowledge, and there’s plenty available if you just look around.

Perhaps four years of education is not enough to attain your dream job. Especially in today’s competitive workforce, adding another degree under your belt will place you above others.

So fret no longer, because The College of Staten Island offers many post-grad education options for those striving to continue their education.

CSI features 27 unique fields one can score a masters degree from. Some of the program concentrations include: accounting, biology, computer science, and a range of teaching degrees tailored to a specific grade of schooling.

Information about the various degrees can be found on the CSI website.

There, students will find a list of the graduate programs CSI has to offer as well as the coordinator/director and the application deadline for each particular program.  

Prospective students are urged to apply online. The link to the application form as well as all other functions regarding the graduate admissions process can be found in the column menu on the left side of the page once you are on the graduate school webpage.

All applicants must pay a $125.00 non-refundable fee to get their application processed.

Official transcripts from all post-secondary (education after high-school) institutions must be requested and sent CSI. CSI transcripts do not need to be requested as the Office of Recruitment and Admissions will obtain a copy.

Graduate Recommendation Forms are not required for all programs; this will be evident once you read the specifics of your program of choice.

The format of the Recommendation Form for most programs involve the recommender to submit a written evaluation assessing the the applicant’s potential for success both academically and professionally.  

If an applicant has taken graduate courses within the last five years at an accredited college or university, these courses may be accepted at the discretion of the coordinator of the graduation program.

A maximum of 12 graduate credits in graduate courses, with a minimum grade of 3.0 (B) in each, may be applied toward a graduate degree from the College of Staten Island.  

There are also other program-dependent forms one may have complete listed under the Application for Transfer Credit link.

All paper applications/forms must be submitted to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions; the address is provided at the bottom of the Graduate Forms page.

On campus events are also held to provide greater insight on a specific program.

During the months of February and March, potential applicants are welcomed to attend any of these events which are help in various classrooms throughout the school.

Under the “Pre-Admission Services & Events” tab, one will find the events listed, along with their date/time and specific location. The website asks you to RSVP to the events and provides a link to the online form where you may do so.

What to do post-bachelor’s can prove rather frustrating. Many students often want to continue their education, but don’t exactly know what type of program they’d like to pursue or their most recent school has few options.  

Fortunately, CSI hosts many degree-bearing programs along with resources capable of removing any uncertainties a prospective graduate student may have.

Naturally, the answer to every question or concern one may have regarding a graduate program will not be found online.

If you have specific questions about a program or the application process, feel free to contact the Office of Recruitment and Admissions at 718.982.2019 or by email at to make an appointment with an advisor or a faculty program coordinator for an individual pre-admission advisement session.

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