Let the Post-Grad Adventure Begin

A Guide for Things You Can Do After Graduation

By: Victoria Ifatusin

Deciding what path to take after graduation is scary, but necessary. (Credit:

Your long awaited college career has finally ended.

Graduation day was amazing; your family came to cheer you on and when they called your name, they held up a huge poster of your face. It was embarrassing, but not at that moment.

Pictures were taken, handshakes were given, and you probably said a speech that everyone enjoyed, and your mom cried too. But then you asked yourself, “What’s next?”

Goals are usually set by students but are not accomplished due to the strenuous work that had been put on them, including you, to get them done. This comprises of homework, projects, studying for tests, and other secular activities like handling a job.

But now that it has all been put to a rest, there are many things that can be done after your college graduation, especially accomplishing your goals.

Many students are still interested in going ahead and obtaining further education, which is why graduate school is not a bad idea.

According to, students with a bachelor’s in psychology may not got as many job opportunities as one with a master’s in the same major.

This is similar to other many other majors, although it can be said differently for someone who decides to get an associate’s in nursing.

Whatever the major may be, graduate school will definitely increase your knowledge in what you’re pursuing. Not only that, but you will also have a higher chance of getting the desired job you want.  

In college, many study abroad fairs were held, and this only increased your hopes of going to a country outside of your comfort zone. Thus, travelling could be a goal that you could check off on your bucket list.

Travelling to other places allows you to learn more about the place you’re going to, besides what you’ve learned on the TV and in books. Along with that, you tend to learn more about yourself, what you love, and what you despise.

“But I don’t have enough money for that,” a college graduate may say when presented with this idea of traveling.

Yes, it is difficult to travel abroad without the financial aspect. But, you can start small by going to nearby places you’ve never been to.

It could be another county in your area, or another state entirely. When you do this, you will find out if you’re interested in travelling or not.

Speaking of money, finding a job with your degree is a great segue into independency.

As mentioned previously, nursing and other science related majors can get you the job you’re looking for right away.

It may be difficult at first to find a job, and at times, you might not get the job that is related to your major. If you are fortunate enough, you may end up with a job you do find will be flexible, convenient, well-paid and well-liked as a result.

This will also allow you to make and save money for future goals like buying a house, a car, or travelling to your dream country.

It should also be noted that right after college, it isn’t too late to get into an internship.

It is stressed that students should get an internship during their summer vacation before the next semester. Although, that doesn’t mean you can’t get an internship after graduation.

Obtaining an internship gives you more experience about your field and allows future employers to see you as a benefit for their company.

Now that you have more free time in the summer, and jobs may require experience, internships may be the logical option for you incase your field has high competition for people with bachelor’s degrees.

If too much time passes with no job offers and you realize you may have chosen the wrong field, then maybe you should consider doing a trade.

As much as people put trade-learners down, they tend to make a lot more money than the average college graduate.

According to, the average trade school graduate could make over $70,000 a year by the time a college student graduates. This is due to the little time spent to learn the trade, compared to the time spent to obtain a degree.

Not only is it a fast program, but you are automatically guaranteed a job. It doesn’t hurt to have a certificate and degree, in fact, it makes you look much more desirable to employers. Plus, you can help all your family members with their bathroom sinks.

You still want to go to school, but not now. Plus, in order to do the things listed above, you may need to consider having a gap year.

You would have the time to make money, to travel, and do other things before you go back to school. Although, one should be aware of the chance of not wanting to go back to school after the gap year is over.  

During this gap year, other activities can also be done, like volunteering for a cause, meeting new people and regaining relationships, or even learning another language.

A freshly graduated student should not look at finishing college as the end of the world. Instead, it is a door opening or a new chapter that is written in your book.

Life is full of endless possibilities, you just have to take them when you can, and make it possible.

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