Throwing A Do-It-Yourself Graduation Party to Remember

A Guide to Celebrating Your Commencement with a Bang

By: Veronica Pistek

A fun DIY photo booth backdrop idea. (Credit:

On commencement day, most of us would much rather be in someone’s backyard having the time of our lives than listening to another long, drawn out speech.

Get ready to throw a party to remember with these creative DIY projects.

Planning a party may seem just as stressful as college, but the truth is that if you want an aesthetically pleasing event that engages and entertains your guests, putting in the work is time consuming and necessary⎯but totally worth it.

Reflecting on your past years of schooling will bring back a beautiful sense of nostalgia and inspire you to find photos from your youth to show how much you have grown.

This first DIY takes your life timeline and showcases all of your best moments, and ultimately how much you have changed.

For this memory board project, you will need anything from a poster board, old wooden pallets, or a couple of picture frames.

To start off, choose your preferred medium. Gather pictures from kindergarten all the way through college.

You can organize the photographs in a timeline, yearbook photo style, or even make a heartfelt collage.

Another idea that you can create is a photo board that incorporates not only photos, but also sentimental items. Some of these items can be trophies and medals you have won throughout your youth, or your first dance costume or karate belt.

This celebration is all about you and your achievements, so showcase all of the moments both big and little that helped you get to where you are today.

Once you have gathered enough nostalgia, get ready for the decorations. Whether you have a specific theme, such as a luau, your school colors, or just a simple graduation theme, there are endless possibilities.

One essential decoration that is fun for you and your guests is a photo booth area. This does not have to be expensive or grand, but you can definitely make it cute and simple.

Head over to your local craft store and decide how you want your photo booth to look. One specific graduation-inspired idea is a streamer backdrop.

Find streamers that sparkle and grab a curtain rod to mount. Drape the streamers over the rod and cut to the length desirable.

To add some color pop and excitement, add a cute triangle banner with graduation related words and big balloons that match your color scheme.

Every fun photo-booth also needs props. You can buy a bunch of wooden craft sticks, search the web for pictures, and easily glue them onto the sticks.

This does not have to be traditional; play around with your graduation caps and make a frame out of a white poster board, personalize it and selfie away.

One cannot forget the most important aspect of a party: the food and refreshments. This is your time to shine and showcase the cute Pinterest baking and cocktail ideas you have been dying to make.

Get that candy table ready to fill with sweets and treats. Whether you want to have a DIY ice cream sundae sundae station with different toppings, or bake graduation cap-themed cake-pops, cookies, and cupcakes, your guests will want to satisfy their sweet tooth.

To make the most photo-worthy beverages, buy mason jars with chalkboard labels for guests to put their names on them and take it home as a favor.

Guests can fill their glasses with summer-appropriate sparkling pink lemonade, Shirley Temples, or your favorite alcoholic punches.

If you plan on having your guests, be sure to pull out a fire pit, some graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.

Having a bonfire with smores will make your feel guests feel comfortable and cozy, and gather everyone together before you all start the beginning of the rest of your lives.

To remember this fun-filled party, another fun idea might be to create a hashtag or a snapchat filter that your guests can use.

Gathering precious in-the-moment photos from your family and friends will be useful if you want to create a photo album or scrapbook that includes all of your guests.

These DIY projects only scratch the surface of the endless ideas that you can create. Be sure to keep all of your party elements true to your style and ultimately enjoyable for your guests.

It’s almost time to throw your cap in the air. Get ready to throw a graduation celebration that you will remember forever.

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