Seeing The World Through Fresh Graduate Eyes

Travelling Post-Graduation Prepares You for the Real World

By: Roseanne Cassar

Traveling may, in fact, be quite beneficial for a recent graduate. (Credit:

While many college students who graduate on time feel the need to travel the world, some students feel they need to work to pay off their student loans.

If you are one of those students who are looking to travel once school is finally finished, go and do it‒have some fun and enjoy yourself.

Travelling maybe your ticket to finding yourself. Maybe you have questions that need answers.

Seeing what the real world is like will definitely open your eyes, as you will gain a lot through being exposed to different experiences.

By travelling alone, it will make you see the world in a brighter light, broaden your horizons, and maybe even will bring out the next steps you will need to take as an adult.

You will be making decisions that you would not have thought about as much in the past.  For starters, many graduates have similar questions, like “Where will life take me?” and “What are my next steps?”

Deeper questions will arise, such as “Am I ready for the job field?”, “What about a family life?” and even, “Am I ready for children?”

Among these, the biggest question is:  “How responsible am I in life in general, and am I ready for what is really out there?”

Contemplating life decisions will certainly continue circling around our heads until we get dizzy.

So, traveling around the world can be beneficial to prepare yourself for what to expect out there in the real world.  

For example, when visiting another country, whether you are with another person or by yourself, what if things do not go as smooth as you would have liked them to be? What do you do in case of serious trouble?

By facing new situations in a foreign place, potentially with a language barrier, you are sure to grow as a person. By enduring all of these boundaries, travelling would definitely smarten you up quite a bit.

You will even begin see things differently. Discovering a new part of the world will make you more aware of your surroundings and will help you grow internally to feel more mature.

Travelling not only helps you feel fully on your own, but also requires you to be responsible.

For instance, travelling the world also provides you with better insight regarding financial need and give you a better idea of how to save some money.  

Despite the stress that comes along with travelling situations, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have some fun in life and exploring new adventures and cultures.

This includes meeting new people, sightseeing, partying, and who can forget wine and fine dining.

As a brand new college graduate, you deserve to have some fun and learn new things before diving into reality.

Once you return back home, the “real-world” will set in.

The realization of responsibility begins when the fun and games comes to an end. The expression “work hard, play later” will certainly apply.

Down the road, you can teach your children what you have learned and share your personal experiences, or simply tell your stories of how and why you decided to travel to find yourself.

When you hit a certain age, you can thank yourself for travelling when you did.

That is because you will feel smarter, wiser and know more things now than you did when you were younger. You will have seen things that no one else has.  

Seeing the world can empower you to voice your opinions about anything, open your mind to different cultures and diversity, and ultimately help you become a better person altogether.

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