Tying Up Loose Ends Before Graduation

Putting in the Last Effort Before Your Special Day

By: Roseanne Cassar

Remaining driven at the end of the semester will make graduation day that much special. (Credit:

For all students who are graduating on May 31, there is still time to make sure you are ready for commencement. Get ready to use your last drop of motivation for your last final exams and preparing for your special day.

It is almost your time to shine, so get cracking and finish off your college education on a high note.

Students still have to study, as the need to pass all of your classes is essential. Yes, it’s a pain in the neck, but nothing tops the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with pushing through.

Remember to double or triple check your syllabi to make sure you are caught up on handing things in. If you have any late or missing work, than you might miss out on some crucial points.

As a student, a checklist is always a helpful tool to use when things come to the wire during the semester. Be sure to submit the last minute assignments to end college with your best efforts.

You can also use a planner or calendar to write important information down, such as the important due dates. Once the heavy workload is somewhat lifted off your shoulders, then you can finally think about what to wear for graduation.

For most ladies, picking out dresses, booking hair, nail, and makeup appointments is imperative at this point in the semester.  

For most guys, picking out the perfect suit and dreading about wearing uncomfortable shoes is the present reality.

So, start making plans for an after-graduation party with family and friends.  If you are planning to drink, remember to drink wisely and responsibly.

This is not only time for freedom and fun, but also the time to reflect what we have accomplished in the last four years. As students, we all have come a long way and owe ourselves a huge pat on the backs.

There will also be mixed feelings on commencement day. While every student who made it through should be proud of their accomplishments, there will be bittersweet goodbyes.

Saying goodbye to faculty that you became close with, your fellow classmates, and lifelong friends is never easy. However, this is only the beginning of your journey and will meet new people along the way.

Graduation will also bring feelings of excitement, butterflies and nervousness all wrapped up into one. Ultimately, graduation is all about you and your accomplishments.

Though it is a painstaking to hear your name get called, then walk on stage to get a rolled up piece of paper, the smile on your family and friends’ faces will be totally worth it.

Importantly, be sure to take tons of pictures. Gather all your friends phone numbers and email addresses so you can keep in contact.

You may be headed in different directions, but staying in touch with your college buddies will help you transition into the real world.

Overall, graduation day is a special day to remember‒ it is once in a lifetime.  

If you want that golden opportunity to walk on that stage and receive that honorable piece of paper, stay focused for the remaining days of the semester.  

Now, the future is in your hands and there is no time to lose focus on our biggest dreams and goals.

Your degree is what will open many doors for you in the near future. Picture yourself in just a few years, holding down jobs and doing what you love.

So, to all of the the graduating students of 2018, stay motivated, driven, and congratulations!

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