Special Gifts for the College Graduate

Every Graduate Can Receive a Nice Present No Matter the Budget

By: Jessica Scarimbolo

A homemade gift box personalized to give your favorite graduate. (Credit:

When May and June comes around every year, everyone knows it is time for an abundance of graduation ceremonies, parties, and a whole lot of gifts.

This means you too; it is about that time for you to get gifts for the special people in your life.

If your significant other, your sibling, or your best friend is celebrating a graduation, you may be worried about what to get them since they are so important to you.

Firstly, if you are interested in getting a more expensive gift, you should consider getting something personalized.

You can get a frame with their class year on it, or a piece of jewelry with the name of their school engraved on the inside.

There are endless cute ideas to choose from if you are considering a personalized gift to match your person’s interests.

Another special idea that is much cheaper to do would be to create a little box or gift basket for the person you love.

You can fill the box with confetti that matches their school colors, add a mug or a wine glass, fill it with some of their favorite candy, and you are good to go.

You can make up a personalized gift box for under $10 if you go to the right stores and get the right items. You can even get a sticker sheet filled with pretty letters to write the person’s name on the top of the box.

It is recommend getting any graduate, no matter what degree they are graduating with, a bottle of their favorite alcohol. If they went to high school, college or graduate school, they have worked their ass off and they could certainly use a nice drink to celebrate their hard work.

You can get their favorite liquor or maybe a bottle of wine that matches their school colors‒make it festive.

You may want to get them a little book that is representative of what they have been studying, or their favorite class in school.

For example, you can get a psych major a book a “Psychology for Dummies” book or for an English major, a Shakespeare play.

Keep the person receiving the gifts in mind; if you are close enough to get them a personal present, you definitely know the things they would like to receive as a gift.

Another thing a stressful student would love to receive is something to help them relax and along with their drink.

If your girlfriend loves taking baths, get her a bath bomb in her favorite scent, or for your boyfriend, a shower set that he’ll love.

You can even print out a bunch of photos of you and the person and write handwritten notes on the back of each photo, just reminding them how much you love them and how proud you are of all they have accomplished now that they are graduating.

Buy a frame set, photo album, or a scrapbook to put an assortment of photos and remind your person of all the amazing memories you have together. Leave some open space in a photo album or a scrapbook to allow them to continue adding photos as your relationship grows.

Getting a gift for someone for their graduation does not have to be expensive. It should represent things you know they love and would use, while also expressing how proud you are of them for this incredible accomplishment.

Whatever you get, make sure to include a card that you have written out. Whether you spend $10 or $100 on the gift, a handwritten note or card may be the piece of the gift that touches the person the most.

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