A Guide to Fueling Your Brain With Positivity

Opt for a Year Filled With Optimism

An example of a morning mantra that can fuel your day with positivity. Photo Credit:

By: Nadia Diaz

Do you look at the glass as half full or half empty? Despite your answer, trying to remain positive amidst the tension of school, work, and socializing is never a simple task.

Before trying to balance all of your responsibilities, take into consideration how a stressed state of mind might impact your performance of each task.

Try treating your brain like a human. If a human is told to do a myriad of things and is expected to achieve perfect results, it is more than likely that they might crack under pressure.

Before even thinking about cracking like an egg for breakfast, have no fear. You can and should start each morning on a more peaceful note.

Beginning your day with positive affirmation will yield a day filled with more ups than downs.

Specifically, many suggest to implement a morning mantra. A mantra is a simple and powerful way to set intentions for a beautiful day.

An example of a mantra could be something as easy as “Life is short, let’s do this.”

A mantra can even remind you of the things you may forget to do when you panic and need to be brought back down to earth.

So, create a slogan that will start your day and help you get through all of the boundaries that stand in the way.

As humans, we tend to get so caught up with society, daily life tasks, and work that we forget to stop and take a breath.

Take a moment to breathe and remember to count your blessings. Often when you think of the good, you have already started to heal.

Remember, the cloudy energy that may be present in your life is just a storm that is passing by. The bad needs to happen for the good to find its way into your life.

In order to let the good float into your life, there are many outlets for you to start thinking positively.

Make a playlist with music that enhances your focus, or download a compilation of songs that make you want to conquer the world.

Listening to music can help ease your mind while also enabling you to relax for a bit so you can get back on track.  

Taking your plans to paper may also help organize your mind so you can clear out those stress-inducing thoughts.

Write things down in a planner or make lists of which priorities need to be taken care of first, so you can get to tackling your responsibilities.

When you create an outline of your day or week, it can help you visualize more clearly what you need to focus and help you feel less stressed during school period.  

Maybe, at the end of the day, you may just need a dosage of silence.

Lie down in a comfortable position with clear state of mind, you might even begin to enter a meditative state of mind.

Lighting up the room with a couple of scented candles can enable you to drift off into a moment of peace, relaxation and quietness.  

With the fall season creeping upon us, this is definitely a great opportunity to set the mood with a cinnamon or pumpkin spice candle.   

At other times when balancing school, work, family, and your social life seems to be falling out of your hands, that might indicate that it is time to talk.

Talking is one of the most beneficial methods of releasing the stress and worries you may have built up without even realizing it.  

By expressing your overwhelming thoughts and feelings, you will feel better, as well to be able think with a more positive mindset.  

The College of Staten Island offers counseling and academic counseling services as well for all students. The CSI counseling center is located in building 1A room 109, they are open from Monday through Friday 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM and Wednesday – Thursday’s until 7:00 PM.

So, when you begin to train your brain to focus on positivity, it can improve the overall flow of your life.

Remember to start off your day with a smile, chant words of affirmation, and allow of all the good to enter your life each and every day.

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