Hungry For Time? Save Your App-etite!

Tips to Stay on Track With Time Management Tools

By: Roseanne Cassar

Download any of these apps for easier time management. Photo Credit: Veronica Pistek

As the Fall semester is cooking up at the College of Staten Island, so is a fresh batch of nerves and feelings of uncertainty.

The average student has already begun questioning if they can juggle the workload of all of their classes combined, as well as making time for studying, their clubs, and personal responsibilities.

Have no fear! There are solutions to all of the worries that students feel when struggling with time management.

As the school-year progresses, stress will seem to build as tall as the stack of books in front of you.  Everyone knows that time is never on their side when meeting deadlines for papers, projects, and anything in between.

Almost everybody has a life outside of school or work.  So, it can become quite hectic when dealing with the pressures of getting things done at a realistic pace.

In order to ease the stress of managing your time, get ready to log-out of Instagram and Twitter and log-in to some new, nifty apps.

Time management apps are capable of helping students maintain and manage how much time they need to spend for each class.  

All you need to do is enter your class scheduling information and let the app you choose work for you-it is that easy. lists some time management apps that students can look into, including: Clear, Workflow, Clara, Wunderlist, Rescue Time, Timely, Trello, Google Now and Pocket.

From top, here are some time management apps that also can be used: Evernote, Focus Booster, 30/30, Remember The Milk,, Listastic, Finish, 2Do, Epic Win,, Prezi, Super notes, Mind 42 and Google Keep.  

Any one of these apps can work for you if needed that extra help dealing with the struggles of time management.

Each of these apps have different functions. It would be a good idea to do your homework and read all of the information you can on them.

One app that is highly rated is Clear. Clear is a simple, well-designed to-do list app that makes it easy to stay on top of everything you need to accomplish. Clear is available for iOS, OS X, and the Apple Watch.

Workflow is a highly customizable app available for iOS that shaves time off of the complicated things that you need to accomplish each day.  

This app cuts down on wasted time by automating the complex tasks you do on your phone.

Google Now is an intelligent voice-powered assistant available for Android and iOS. It processes complicated requests and uses your behavior to predict what information you need before you even ask for it.  

This app specifically gives you more time to focus on your work by granting you the information you need without having to dive into search results first.  

Focus Booster is an online app that allows users to break up their schedule into manageable chunks.  Focus Booster is essentially a timer that splits up your revision sessions with a number of little breaks in order to keep you as productive as possible.  

The added benefit of the digital version is that you can track exactly how much time you’ve spent on a certain topic, as well as being able to analyze this activity on your dashboard. is an app that can be used on an iOS or Android. This app allows you to organize your day by allowing you to create reminders, to-do lists, notes and events and store them on the clean and easy-to-use interface.

The app works across platforms, making it easy to switch from your phone to your laptop without missing anything on your schedule.

Lastly, Google Keep is a sleek pin-board style app which allows its users to pin notes, make lists, and add photos onto a well-designed and easily updatable homepage which works across any Android device.

Ultimately, staying on track is quicker and easier with the click of an app. Try out any of these tools to enhance the usage of your time to focus on what truly is important to you.

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