A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

The Banner’s New Voice and Vision

The Banner’s Veronica Pistek prepares for her position as Editor-in-Chief. Photo Credit: Jesse Khachmanian

By: Veronica Pistek

To the Reader,

Greetings Banner readers! My name is Veronica Pistek, a Macaulay Honors College sophomore here at CSI. During my freshman year, I made my mark as a writer, took on the role as a section editor of The Banner, and ultimately was elected as the new Editor-in-Chief.

I am beyond honored to be chosen for this position, and even more thrilled to provide our campus with news, entertainment, a community for shared interests, and an outlet for voices to spark change.

In the past, The Banner as a publication has been known to investigate campus related situations, uncover important information, but also allow students to express themselves.

Specifically, writers are able to write their opinions, provide insight to current politics, give the breakdown on current sports, dive into the latest entertainment, and even give tips about health, beauty, and sex to the readers on campus.

Presently, my vision for The Banner is to not only remain working and writing as a real publication and incorporating our past values, but to also open communication between our staff, administration, programs, organizations, and clubs with the student body.

Also, I desire to know what our readers want to read. In order to do this, I hope to open communication with The Banner and our readers with survey drop-boxes and opportunities to contact our staff with opinions and important newsworthy content.

I hope to consistently reflect on our past and work toward improving our future content to cater to the interests and demand of our audience.

A motto that I live by but I also feel is relevant for all students here at CSI to remember is to reflect upon and evaluate the past, truly experience the present, and set a precedent for the future.

With this newspaper, I hope that my team and I can utilize these three tenses to reach an audience that desires to find their purpose at CSI, but also their purpose for the future.

It is easy to go day-to-day at college just traveling from one class to another and then going home to study, work, and start the routine all over again.

By staying informed about the events, news, and endless opportunities at the College of Staten Island, it might inspire some to get involved and use their voice and vision to provide fellow students with the best education, experiences, and opportunities that lie right here on our campus (and ditch that boring routine that naturally happens as a college student).

So, we welcome and encourage anyone and everyone to join in and get involved with The Banner. Our team collectively shows initiative by sharing and pitching article ideas, writing and taking photographs for each issue, and editing articles consistently.

Our club also yields opportunities for editorial and managerial positions-all of which can be a great addition to one’s resume.

Besides working hard as a team, every Thursday during club hours our team experiences a creative environment filled with fun, free food, and a place to make lifelong friends. Swing by 1C Room 228 to start your journey as a journalist!

I look forward to this journey and I wish you all a year filled with knowledge, ambition, success, and inspiration.

Sincerely Yours,

Veronica Pistek


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