A Perfect Life, So Why Did She Vanish?

“A Simple Favor,” the Fresh New Thriller Starring Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively star in the mystery thriller “A Simple Favor.” Photo Credit:

By: Brooke Price

One day, Emily drops off her son at school and never returns. It is up to Stephanie to find out where she is.

Blake Lively plays the fashionable, mysterious and fearless Emily Nelson, who is a public relations director for a fashion company. She later bonds with the quirky mommy vlogger, Stephanie Smothers, played by Anna Kendrick after their sons become friends at school.

The two moms set up playdates for their sons, while they gossip and drink martinis.

After a couple of days, Stephanie gets a call from Emily asking her if she can do a “simple favor” for her; picking up her son Nicky from school. Stephanie obliges but after some time passes and with Emily not answering her phone calls, she realizes that something is wrong.

Stephanie decides to team up with Emily’s husband Sean Townsend, played by Henry Golding to dig deeper into Emily’s private life in order to figure out her current situation.

“A Simple Favor” is directed by Paul Feig who also directed comedy movies such as “Bridemaids,” “The Heat,” “Spy” and the 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot.

In the movie, Emily’s wardrobe resembled what Paul Feig wore in real life.  Blake Lively was enamored by Paul Feig’s suits that he wore on set every day.

She wanted her character in the film to wear outfits similar to those Feig would wear. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Paul Feig said, “Blake just looked over at me and I was wearing one of my three-piece suits like I always do, and she’s like, “I want to dress like you”. And I was like “Okay, that’s funny,” and she was like, “No, no. I really do.”

Blake Lively discussed with ELLE Magazine the difference in personalities between herself and her character Emily. She also explained how she got into character when she played Emily in the film.

“I just uncovered everything I’ve ever repressed in my life and was there [in Emily’s headspace] I don’t drink, I don’t really swear, I’m a little uncomfortable in my own skin and self deprecating but Emily is just so in her skin and so confident and so unapologetic and a little villainous, and she’s a bit of a wild child, and that was fun.”

Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively have great on-screen chemistry. The way the actresses bonded on screen made the movie more entertaining to watch.

Even though their characters are polar opposites with Emily being devious and secretive and Stephanie being innocent and compassionate, the film enables the actresses to mesh the characters’ interactions together making it an enjoyable movie.

The film also includes a nude painting of Emily exposing herself, which in her living room. This painting is continuously shown throughout the film.

Pride Source spoke exclusively to Anna Kendrick about the obscene painting in “A Simple Favor,” “That painting – fun fact – was never once on set. That is all post effects. Sometimes it was green screen, and sometimes it was this other painting that was very nice but very Tumblr art. It was actually Blake’s idea to have it be a little bit more, um, obscene. Certainly it’s art, but a little more shocking for Stephanie to see. Not so polished, not so pretty, not so coy. I thought that was really brilliant.”

“A Simple Favor” was originally a book written by Darcey Bell in 2017. The theatrical release was shown in theaters September 14.

This film will keep you guessing about Emily’s whereabouts and why she would leave her beloved family behind. There are many plot twists throughout the movie to keep you glued to your seat.

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