All Aboard Staten Island’s New MTA Express Bus Service

Express Bus Service Shakes up Commuting for CSI Students

Commuters are unsure of what the future will bring with the MTA’s recent express bus service changes at the start of the new school year. Photo Credit:

By: Lucia Elmi 

Over-do transportation service adjustment has finally made its way to improve Staten Island’s shaky express bus service to Manhattan.

As much as it was a needed change, transition isn’t always easy for thousands of working commuters that rely on the MTA’s express bus service to get to and from work. This includes many students commuting to and from the College of Staten Island through those same bus services.

Although the new bus system was designed to ease commuting for Staten Islander, it has unfortunately brought with it a number of challenges. One inconvenience for commuters are the fewer bus stops available along bus routes.

The upside to this is that less bus stops mean shorter travel times getting to and from Manhattan, but the downside is that it will require travelers to walk farther in order to get to their designated bus stop.

Another problem that has been encountered are the larger time gaps in bus service which have inevitably led to overcrowding on buses and bus stops, even more so for people waiting at bus stops bordering Staten Island exit routes, such as those closest to the Verrazano Bridge.

Additionally, the lack of knowledge MTA bus drivers have on this new design adds to the confusion surrounding the new bus service. People are unsure of where to ask and receive accurate information regarding how they should plan out their morning and evening commutes along the Manhattan-Staten Island routes.

Despite the many difficulties, the MTA is working hard to continue to improve this new system for their customers. It is expected that addition changes will be made throughout 2019 to ensure the most effective travel for Staten Island and Manhattan commuters.

The MTA has also taken particular care in providing security for their student customers and have sent representatives to CSI’s Willowbrook campus during the first week of the Fall 2018 semester to answer any questions students had about the scheduled changes.

Patience will be needed to implement the necessary changes to make traveling easier for everyone. In the meantime, everyone should hang on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


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