Staying in the Loop With the Loop Bus

Critical Changes for CSI’s Campus Bus Cycle

The new Loop Bus schedule might have students rushing across campus to get to class. Photo Credit: Anes Ahmed

By: Anes Ahmed

The introduction of a fresh year comes a new set of policies and resources that students either need to grow accustomed, or say goodbye to.

This semester has students unfortunately saying goodbye to the former loop bus schedule.

Effective on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018, students were informed by email that in-campus transportation services would reduce from a two bus cycle, to a one bus cycle.

While seemingly trivial, this development may challenge numerous students who need to rush to class or be dropped at a stop near a certain building.

The campus buses are now functioning as a Peak and Non-Peak Service. For Peak Services, buses will routinely arrive in ten minute intervals; however, the buses will only drop-off riders at building 1A and 2A during set hours throughout the day.

That isn’t much of reach for people whose classes stretch throughout our extensive campus grounds.

For Non-Peak Services, the loop ride provided has extended their time from a 10 to a 20 minute wait, while still maintaining thorough availability to be departed at any stop around campus.

All accessibility and their variations to rides will begin at the entrance of the college at Victory Boulevard, with the Peak Service concluding at Administration Loop Road and Non-Peak Service at the entryway of the campus. `

The purpose of these changes is due to the continuation of offering assistance within available resources. Yet, the new operations can damage the college community’s daily programs and further result in an inconvenience, tarnishing the value our in-campus mobility formerly possessed.   

Luckily, the Ferry Shuttle and Accessibility service have remained untouched and will continue to function naturally.   

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