Commemoration of an American Hero

Many Mourn the Passing of Former Senator John McCain, But What’s in Store for America?

John McCain is remembered as a cherished senator and war hero. Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

By: Sammy Quarrato 

John McCain gave his life to his country for much of his long career. McCain, as you may know passed away in Aug. 25, 2018, just four days before his birthday.

McCain was Arizona’s senator since 1987, he replaced longtime respected senator, Barry Goldwater.

He was a man of the people not just in office, but also as a captain in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. During that time, he was captured by Northern Vietnamese soldiers who had sided with the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War at the time, and was later released.

The issue at hand is what the consequences of his death are and how it will affect the Senate and midterm elections this season.

John McCain had been a member of the Senate for decades, thus he had contributed a number of votes for reform.

With his absence, tracking of votes and maintaining consistency may become an issue. One of McCain’s most influential votes that come in mind is for Healthcare, which was his last memorable political moment in his career.

The bill’s purpose was a skinny-repeal of Obamacare, where it was estimated that 32 million people would lose healthcare coverage if Obamacare was fully repealed in the Senate. The GOP predicted a 50-50 vote due to two Republican senators already making it clear they would vote against the repeal of Obamacare.

McCain dropped a number of hints in a speech before putting in his vote, stating that his intentions to vote against it was highly probable.

However, Republicans were confident that such an outcome was not going to be the case due to how many of them exchanged words with him before he casted his final vote.

Additionally, it was said that Trump himself called McCain, attempting to convince him one last time to vote in favor of the bill so that the vote would come to a tie, allowing Pence to cast the tie-breaking vote.

Instead, many were shocked, including the GOP, at the dramatic thumbs down, and a smile from McConnell’s face disappearing instantly. Thus, the established system was saved.

In addition to this vote, McCain made a number of other votes that have been viewed in a less favorable light to critics and politicians.

Some people felt that his take on certain issues was unlike his Republican background, while others thought it showed a willingness to grow and become more accepting on topics that had for a long time been controversial.

For example, his stance on abortion changed throughout the years. Early in his career he stated that he was pro-life and believed that all life started in the womb.

However, years later he claimed that he respected both pro-choice and pro-life reasonings and felt that he didn’t have an overwhelming need to tackle much with the issue.

The same followed for his view on issues such as stem-cell research, immigration, LGBT rights and gun laws. Overtime, he eventually changed his opinion and, to an extent, was simply following the belief of the majority.

Due to the intense political climate between Democrats and Republicans, following the opinions of the people as a whole and not just your state is just as much of a priority, if not an even larger one, to ensure that people’s voices are heard.

John McCain will be remembered for his public service to this nation, and how much he affected both the political climate and the everyday lives of Americans.

Due to his untimely passing, it has been predicted that the Senate will not reach across the majority as much as he did during his long career as a member of the Senate. A memorable quote from him was when he referred to Democrats as, “My friends from the other side.”

In the future, Washington may not have someone as upstanding and independent as McCain, but we won’t know for sure until the midterm elections come along.

R.I.P. John McCain: 1936-2018

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