A Message For Anti-Vaxxers

Why Are Parents Still Arguing Against Vaccinating Their Children?

The debate between parent and doctor over vaccines continues. Photo Credit: mschristianliving.com

By: Roseanne Cassar

The idea of vaccinating children as a means of protecting them from certain diseases will always be a controversial topic amongst concerned parents.

Are vaccines credible from preventing outbreaks?  What are the real concerns from parents?

The opposition to vaccination is not a novel idea. According to the article, Understanding Opposition to Vaccines, the author states, “Refusing vaccines started back in the early 1800s when the smallpox vaccine started being used in large numbers.”

“The idea of injecting someone with a part of a cowpox blister to protect them from smallpox faced a lot of criticism. The criticism was based on sanitary, religions, and political objections. Some clergy believed that the vaccine went against their religion.”

In my opinion, parents put too much fear into the idea of “what would or could happen  to my child” regarding any vaccine that is administered.

Parents should talk to their child’s doctor about the type of vaccines that are needed to prevent the spread of diseases. It is ultimately important to be knowledgeable so that there is a clear understanding of why vaccines are important for children.

I think that neglecting vaccinations from your child’s life will put them at a greater risk of becoming seriously ill- or even worse, dying from an illness that could have been easily prevented.

Though it is true that there are side effects from vaccines, the benefits seem to outweigh the possible side effects. These children who do experience any side effects will go through only mild symptoms from any vaccine.

If the symptoms from a vaccine are mild, then parents should not work themselves up so much because children are quick healers.

These vaccines are for their protection. Not experiencing any side effects is never written in stone, but it is also isn’t something to be alarmed about if does happen.

Autism is also one of the biggest concerns that parents have in regards to vaccinations. In recent years, the outbreak of fear that vaccines may be a leading cause for the rise of autism has not been justified.

Specifically, the MMR vaccine, which is a vaccine that prevents the measles, mumps and rubella, is a leading cause for concern amongst parents.

There have been multiple study cases involving the MMR vaccine and it has shown that there is no evidence that the vaccine causes autism. According to the article previously mentioned, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirm that vaccines are very safe in all but a few cases.”  

The CDC also clarified that vaccine ingredients do not cause autism. There is another vaccine that has parents worried as well: it is the flu vaccine.  

There are people who don’t want to get the flu shot for several reasons. For one, they feel that the flu shot doesn’t protect against all strains, and therefore reject the idea of getting the flu shot every year.  

People also think that the flu shot will make you sick. In my opinion, I think that parents should trust in their child’s doctor to make the best possible decision when it’s time to vaccinate.

It is very important for a doctor and parent to form a trusting bond when dealing with preventative health measures for a child.

I feel that a parent should educate themselves when dealing with vaccines. The more knowledge you know about this, the better that a parent will feel.

Parents should feel comfortable enough to talk to their child’s doctor about certain vaccines.

To a certain degree, I understand the fear of these vaccines, especially when they are being administered to a child that is in their in infant or toddler stage.

If anything, your child’s doctor can recommend you to visit medical websites for you to check out information on the pros and cons of vaccines.

For more information on this topic, visit www.healthline.com.

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