The Nicotine Flash Drive Epidemic

Juul E-Cigarette Products Targeting Teens Everywhere

This e-cigarette is becoming alarmingly popular amongst adolescents. Photo Credit: jsonline.com

By: Karen Correa 

Juul devices have become useful for ex-smokers; however, these e-cigarettes are also appealing to underage adolescents.

This smoking device has thus become unpopular among parents, doctors, and the Food and Drug Administration.

Juul now is facing one of its biggest obstacles yet. Earlier this month, the FDA said that, “teen e-cig use is reaching epidemic proportions.”

To describe what these electronic devices do, Juul vapes contain addictive nicotine. Each Juul pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

Juul announces that this satisfies the nicotine craving desired by ex-smokers. However, it can affect adolescents who have never tried a cigarette in their lifetime.

The FDA is giving Juul and five other brands until November of this year to prove that they are taking effective steps to keep these products away from adolescents.

The FDA is also tracking down sellers online that are selling in bulk to make sure Juul is being sold to age-appropriate consumers-not teens.

The FDA has already sent out fines and letters to those sellers who sell them to underage adolescents. If Juul and those other companies fail to prove themselves, the FDA will force them to remove all of their flavored products from the market.  

According to marketing research, mango and other fruit-flavored Juul pods make up most of the industry’s major profits, and without these products the companies can potentially crumble.

“The developing adolescent brain is particularly vulnerable to addiction,” argued the FDA in their statement announcing their actions.

Juul launched their flash drive-shaped device in 2015. It came available in eight flavors; including mango, menthol, crème and cucumber. In just a short period of time, Juul gained control of 72 percent of the market, which values by investors at 16 million dollars.

The FDA can no longer bypass this issue because it is apparent that these companies are not taking enough action to stop the sell of Juuls among teenagers.

It’s time to put a stop to this, or else future generations will have to deal with the devastating effects of it for years to come.

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