DIY This Year’s Hottest Halloween Makeup

Spooktacular Last Minute Halloween Looks

Spider webs are never out of fashion, especially during this time of year. Photo credit:

By: Karen Correa and Lucia Elmi

As Halloween approaches, so do the long anticipated costume parties.

Are you stuck trying to decide what to wear last minute? No worries, here are five easy Halloween makeup ideas that will have everyone turn their heads.

All you will need is a last minute party invitation, eyeliner, eyeshadow pallets, some eyeshadow brushes, and eyelashes if you would like an extra flare.

For the first look, we will be introducing to you a simple and easy to do spider web eye canvas. You start with a basic eyeliner outline over each eyelid; it doesn’t have to have a wing or anything more complicated than that.

Then, you can take your eyeliner pencil and start drawing vertical lines, starting from your eyebrow all the way around to your water line.

After that, you can draw curved lines connecting the vertical lines. If your not sure how to do this, you can just pull up a basic spider web clipart image online.

You can top this completed look with a bold red lipstick finish and some light grey eyeshadow to give it more depth.  

For the second look, we have an easy ventriloquist doll makeup look. The only thing you will need is an eyeliner pencil.

With your eyeliner pencil, just draw two lines down the corners of your mouth. It’s that simple!

For added effect, you can go ahead and put your own specialized touch to it with a lipstick color of your choosing. If you really want to bump up the realism of your look, you can apply some blush and draw in freckles along the apples of your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose.

For our next look, we have for you a simple Wednesday Addams look that will be sure to leave an impression at the party.

If you have a spare white-collared black dress and black stockings lying around, this will make it a complete look that will be sure to make you as easily recognizable as Wednesday Addams.

All you need is a dark sense of humor, black eyeliner, black lipstick, and two braids.

If you want to be a bit more stylish, you can add a wing of any size, whichever you think you pull off best! You can also apply black lipstick and if you want, you can create a cool grey-to-black ombre effect to make it more interesting.

Look four serves as the most basic look of all time; the black cat look. All you will need is black attire of your choosing and black eyeliner.

Using that black eyeliner draw a dark circle on your nose, color it in, and draw in whiskers at the sides of your mouth. That’s it!

Oh, and if you want to get extra fancy and strip away from the basic, you can add some cat ears or even a tail.

Last but not least, look number five. If you’re a David Bowie fan, then you’ll love this one.

Using scotch tape, make an outline of the lightning bolt around your eye and color it in with a colorful eyeliner and viola-you’re done.

You can top this look off with a nice fur faux vest or jacket and your on you way to rock and roll.

While all of these looks are simple and easy to DIY, there are endless options and sources of inspiration.

But remember, Halloween comes around every year so if you don’t top this one, you always have next year to give it another shot!

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