Sex and Relationships

Signs That He’s a F-boy or She’s a F-girl

Ditch The Red Flags for a New Lover 

Spotting that he is a f-boy or she is a f-girl is hard when love makes you blind.
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By: Leah Oliver

It’s hard to see the bright red flags standing before you when your eyes are shaped like hearts and your stomach is filled with butterflies.

Often, the feelings of love protect us from the harm our partner can inflict upon us. Or is that people just choose to ignore these signs?

Well I’m here to be that best friend that tells you he or she is not the one.

There are two types of people that are not the one; you have the person that’s just not the one to build with and the person that’s the typical f-boy or f-girl.

Here are the signs that indicate he or she is a f-boy or girl.

This person will sweet-talk you, but also tends to throw subliminal messages and never make their true intentions known.  

If you realize that your partner expresses the things that they are unhappy with about you, maybe with a quick text message or in a conversation amongst your friends, it’s time that you call them out on their actions.

Another classic sign that may define them as an f-boy or f-girl is that he or she makes you a convenience in their life.

In other words, this person deals with you when he or she wants to. If they are craving attention or need a favor-odds are that you will be available for them.

These types of partners will most likely use you for their own needs and neglect you when they are occupied.

Making you convenient is an aspect of inconsistency, which is another sign along with poor communication.

Inconsistency and poor communication are both signs pointing that this individual is playing the field, he or she is not ready for a relationship, or that they are just not that into you.

For instance, look out if your partner shuts down deep conversations, does not want to be open about their feelings, or is in varying moods when they are with you.

If time has gone by and you have shown all aspects of your personality, one should expect their partner to reciprocate.

However, f-boys and f-girls may only provide you with surface value or superficial compliments in relation to how you look or about your physical attributes.

Listen up lovers, this is a sign that he or she wants to have a party with what’s in your pants.

How might one know this? If your significant other was interested in getting to know you, they would have something to say about your personality, not just about how you look.

Being with a partner means being with your best friend. This person should appreciate your beauty within and without, as well as open themselves up to you on a deeper level.

While there are endless f-boys and f-girls lurking about and messing up relationships, there are also normal relationships that just are not healthy.

There are also signs that he or she is not the one to build with. In other words, this is not the person you want to spend long years in a relationship with.

Be aware that he or she does not have their priorities straight.

This person will spend money on Gucci this and Gucci that, have a nice car, yet still live at home with mom eating and living for free.

This person does not know what he or she wants to do and is likely not in search to find out any time soon.

Being in a long-term relationship means that you and your partner become one of the main priorities along with family and friends.

Also take note if your partner does not uplift you, support your goals, and fuel your aspirations.

Often, a sign is that they will brush off your passionate conversation about the future. They might even tear down your ideas and tell you that your goals are not realistic.

So, if your partner is pessimistic and narrow minded, or blinding you with their f-boy and f-girl tricks, I’d advise you to run away and fall in love with someone else.


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