It’s About Time to Meet Our Leaders

The Active Fall 2018 Clubs: There is Something for Everyone

By: Anes Ahmed

The Campus Center is not just a place to hangout, but a place to get involved. (Credit:

Student leaders are the backbone of student life-without their presence, so goes the voice of the college.

These CSI club leaders prove that well-roundedness is essential for a heightened life experience, and it is about time to be acquainted with these extraordinary student activities.

Psychology Club president and latest Watson fellow, Fatu Amara, is driven by bringing awareness to mental health issues and helping others take advantage of the resources provided through and outside of campus.

Currently, the Psychology Club projects to host a fundraiser during Mental Health Month in May to raise funds to help support research in psychological wellness, while also enlightening the Staten Island community on these issues.

Amara also looks forward to doing a Psych Induction Ceremony (PSI CHI) for all psychology majors and minors on campus.

According to Amara: “Psychological issues are general to the entire public, so coming to the Psych Club you can get helpful information for your college career and participate because that’s how you gain career experience.”   

One of the more crisp clubs to enter the college’s roster, the Painting Lounge Club, provides members a relieving leisure through the craft of imagery, art, and liberty.

Created and lead by club president, Dilnoza Pulatova, the club provides students the prospect of learning a new form of expression in the comfort of an artistic circle.  

Encouraged by her personal hobby of painting, Pulatova sought to develop a club that the college has never toured before.

“We could simply just paint, forget everything and clear our heads and start again with a new power,” Pulatova expressed enthusiastically.

From writing murder mystery pieces to running the student club ELITE (Empowering Ladies in Technology), Nora Elattar is one interesting character.

Interested in nursing, storytelling, and computer graphics since the age of twelve, Elattar entered college seeking mastery in the computer science major.

ELITE seeks to bridge women who are involved in the computer science field, which is known to be a predominantly male field, into incredible internships and jobs.

A goal the club is currently undertaking is to create a Hackathon that’ll be recognized at CSI.  

Elattar states: “Be involved in Student Life. While at first it may not be worth your time, but frankly enough, it really opens a lot of doors through networking and communication.”

In conversation with crochet guru Danielle Fletcher, the Garden Club president, her passion is rooted through her morals and relentless nature to better our campus garden life.

Motivated by interests in wildlife sustainability and nutrition, Fletcher exerts her efforts to encourage student participation in growing our garden located beside the Campus Center.

The campus garden is currently in a difficult state due to dead soil and litter-but the Garden Club has goals to refurbish and detoxify the garden’s bed.

“The garden is a breathing vessel, a soul. A part of life. Why not give back to what your taking from? We should think more about how we use and abuse the things earth gives us,” Fletcher remarked passionately.

Nicole Agu, our International Business Society (IBS) president and local Naruto lover, is an international student from Nigeria. Agu came to the college in order to examine a business career while celebrating the variety of international cultures.  

IBS wants to provide an exciting and educational experience outside of classrooms. From trips to the United Nations to attending conferences, IBS urges students to own and act open their interests.  

  After de-stressing with a game of Fortnite or jamming to an Alessia Cara track, you’ll find Melissa Sipione, Student Government senator and CAB representative, working effortlessly to ensure campus activities are running smoothly.

Involved in multiple divisions of campus extracurriculars, Sipione wishes for students to garner empirical experiences throughout their tenure on campus. Whether it be from the Verrazano Honors Program or Student Government, Sipione assures that becoming involved will be rewarded.

“If students have questions or concerns based on classes or staff members or any case, please come to Student Government and let us know because we can’t change it if we don’t know about it,” Sipione conveyed.

Yusuf Cisse, former club president of MSA (Muslim Student Association) and current Cultural Corp member, passed on his club legacy in hopes of introducing others to the Islamic faith. Being a Muslim and encouraged by Senegalese history, Cisse wanted to enlighten others beyond misleading stereotypes.

Though revealing the responsibility of presidency as being difficult, Cisse promised that the club will maintain its integrity, patience and philosophy.

“I want to assure the people that it is our club’s duty to unveil and spread the beauty of Islam, with that we will establish peace and unity within our communities,” Cisse assured.

All active club and select programs meet in reserved rooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:30 on a weekly basis, unless specified otherwise on CSI Connect.

Information in regards to student involvement can be explored at the Office of Student Life located in 1C Room 201.


Psychology Club 4S-216 Tuesday
Painting Lounge Club 1P-202 Thursday

(Empowering Ladies in Technology)

1N-114 Tuesday
Garden Club 2N-116 Tuesday

(International Business


3N-215 Tuesday

(Campus Activities Board)

1C-227 Tuesday
Student Government 1C-207 Melissa’s Office Hours

Monday: 2-4PM

Wednesday: 2-4PM
Muslim Student Association 1S-217 Thursday


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