Tranquility Doesn’t Have To Be a Luxury

Set Aside a Bit of Your Time For a Healthier Mind and Body

By: Philip Sanzone

There are many places to meditate that are right in front of you.

The slim time between classes could be used to your advantage, rather than spending it filled with stressful thoughts.

Here are some tips to utilize your time for meditation through forms of breathing exercises, videos, or even by doing something that relaxes you personally.

Meditation is subjective since there are numerous ways to do it. Some ways are through writing, reading, music, etc. Even exercises and yoga are ways of tranquilizing the mind.

Also, there is always time to exercise the mind and relax the soul. There are major health benefits that should get you motivated to get involved in meditation.

For one, meditation reduces stress levels. High levels of stress can reduce the amount you sleep, increase the risk of depression, elevate blood pressure, and can make you become fatigued and light-headed.

A study found on with about 1,300 adults showed that meditation considerably decreases stress and also showed to reduce the chance for stress-related disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, and fibromyalgia. It can also increase emotional health.

Meditating can also decrease bad emotions like depression, based on a study that had 4,600 adults do mindfulness meditation which saw a reduction in cytokines. Cytokines is a inflammatory chemical that gets released when someone becomes stressed.

There are also other forms of meditation that can help you become more self-aware. In turn, it can help with growing as a person and enhancing one’s self. This type of meditation is called self-inquiry. It makes participants think more deeply into who they are.

It involves asking questions about one’s self like, “who am I?”

To do this, you’ll need to empty the mind and drop the question in it like a pebble. Don’t try and find meaning to it, just leave it until the tides subside. Seeing how it reacts in the still ocean of the mind.

The things that we think make us “ a gamer” are just perceptions of what we experience in our day-to-day lives. However, the deeper level of thinking is up to the participant to undergo the process and question it for themselves.

Meditation also improves attention span, which was backed up by a study with resource workers. Those practicing mindfulness meditation found they focused on tasks much longer than their peers who didn’t mediate.

Kyritan Kyria combines mantra and chants with repeated motions of the fingers, which researchers found out helps with memory-based tasks as well as age-related memory loss.

It can even partially improve memory in patients that have dementia. Metta meditation, also known as love-kindness, is focused on developing kind thoughts and feelings about one’s self.

In time, this can spill out into giving kindness to people around them. There are twenty-two studies that back up this claim.

But in order to get the most out of it, participants have to put effort into it. Love-kindness is more effective when people put more work into it.

Metta meditation studies even found that it can improve social anxiety, marriage conflict, and anger management. There seems to also be an accumulative effect to love-kindness.

Sleep disorders like insomnia can also be remedied by mediation, and can even increase the duration of sleep time. Whilst laying in bed it can relax the muscles and relieve any tension, which helps you with dozing off faster.

It also can help with pain by relaxing the mind and clearing the senses. Meditation is very useful and clearly, it can help while in college.

Being able to sleep better, pull back some stress from your mind, and other benefits are reason enough to give meditation a try.

There are even videos that are meant for relaxing the mind that provide audio recordings of the sounds of nature such as calming seas and much more.

As long as there’s a morsel amount of free time in the day, there’s always time for bettering oneself mentally, physically, and academically.



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