How A Messy House Can Affect Your Mood

A Messy Work Area Can Mean a Messy Mind

By: Philip Sanzone

Just by tidying up, things will look and feel warmer and brighter. (Credit:

Living or doing work in a messy environment can correlate to a messy mind.

For instance, an article from talks about how it can be related to depression, since the signs of it are very similar to a person who has a messy room.

But does it mean they have depression just because they have a messy room? Well, no. It’s more like food for thought.

When people are down a lot of the time cleanliness takes a hit in a number of areas including shaving, cleaning, and other household chores.

Also, having many things going on at once can affect cleaning habits, as well as doing homework or preparing for the next day.

Losing focus by either doing something late by pushing it off will affect how much one’s health will tank.

There is even more on how it affects you by, who give really good evidence on how messiness makes you stressed out.

It continuously tells your brain to get into action mode by creating feelings of anxiety, anger, and urgency.

It creates a disruption in the brain, such as when we try to sleep. However, whilst on the computer or watching TV, your brain stays laser focused even after turning it off. By cleaning and taking care of messy areas or just by doing dishes can create a calming and soothing aura.

Doing work in a mess can even affect the work at hand: it can scramble the brain and ruin a creative thought process.

Also, cleaning can boost one’s thought process. By fixing the mess around you, it can create a breathing space for the mind.

Plus, keeping up with ways of keeping things in the house clean can boost knowledge of easy and quicker ways of cleaning. It can tremendously spruce up a work area, bedroom, or house environment.

Vacuuming at least once a week can help with clearing out dust bunnies and random specs that can gather on your floor.

Also, mopping is very easy and provides a cleanliness that makes you want to never step in the house with shoes on again.

There is even simple rearranging of the bedroom, such as mixing up the position of your desk or bed, which can add a new flavor to someone’s life.

Cleaning and fixing up a desk is very simple as well, but it can really affect the spaciousness of it and work productivity. Also, putting what makes you happy or what speaks to you can change the dynamic of the desk.

Turning it into a piece of its owner instead of just being something to put things on, in addition to having everything neatly together, can affect the atmosphere that surrounds the desk.

Using a disinfectant on the whole desk and cleaning every inch of its surface will leave it smelling fresh and feeling like a welcoming space to work at.

Overall keeping a clean house, area, or room can change how we look at the world and things around us.

Messiness doesn’t have to take over one’s life. By taking back control and cleaning, things will feel open and even therapeutic.

For instance, taking a duster to your computer desktop or laptop and blowing out the dusk makes it run better.

Plus, if you take things apart you can learn more about how it works and what it does every time it powers on. But don’t forget— clean the way you want, not how others want it.

Having control of how things look, feel, and smell is part of one’s personality. That is what truly matters.

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