Your “Resolbullshit” of 2019

My Take on the New Year’s Resolution Vow

By: Mark Deutsch

New me, new year. Or not. (Photo credit: Byrself.com)

At the start of every January people make resolutions to fix parts of themselves and to accomplish some lofty feat for mostly personal gain. These goals can be set so high, or perhaps even out of sheer laziness, that people fail repeatedly every New Year’s.

Here’s how why most people’s resolutions needs a new phrase called, “Resolbullshit”.

Now, there are many different resolutions created by many groups of people on old planet Earth. Here are the many reasons why some resolutions are, in fact, bullshit.

One thing that many people take on as a resolution on New Year’s is to lose weight or start exercising in the new year.

Everyone starts doing that usually the next morning or the next day, then the day after that most people bail out. Most people will eventually give up after a short time, mostly because there’s not enough time to work out on a work day.

Then again, most people who want to start working out don’t actually wait until next year, they start whenever it suits them and they fit in time for working out.

There are still more resolutions that are utter bullshit, like saying that you will become a better person or rectify some personal flaw.

There are many roads to take to evolve into a better person, most of which require time and patience traveling on.

Many people try resolving some of this utter crap by trying to become a better person all at once. The main flaw in this resolution is that those making it are, more often than not, already good people and as a result, it is a waste of time.

Personal flaws are something that everyone has, so there is nothing shameful about having a flaw. Unless it’s something that is detrimental to either appearance, daily life or it’s just plain annoying, then maybe you should work on it.

There isn’t much to say about how these are valid issues that need addressing, but waiting until New Year’s seems to be delaying the problem. Although, sometimes there could be a valid point.

The day of New Year’s is the turning point and the end of the circle that the Earth has completed. When the old year secedes and gives away to the start of a new year, people vow to make changes to their lives and most of them aren’t arbitrary. While some people make flippant resolutions and don’t adhere to their vows, there are many people out there who strive to fulfill their resolution.

I have some tips about how to maintain a resolution that is integral to actually keeping it, while also being something that may go unnoticed in daily lives. It’s about forming a habit through constant repetition of the same action until it becomes natural. This is a decent way of holding true to a vow to turn over a new leaf or to start something at the beginning of the new year.

One last thing that’s bullshit about New Year’s Eve resolutions is that people come up with a goal that’s too hard. This will most likely result in failure after people realize how difficult it is when facing the immense effort to uphold that resolution. It’s better to just make a smaller resolution every year that’s easier to fulfill.

In short, no matter how many bullshit resolutions that people make in jest, there is only one last thing to say. Even if this is either belated or early—Happy F******* New Year!

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