Is it Time to Move Out?

Deciding Whether or Not Moving Out is the Right Call

By: Lucia Elmi

Moving out can be an exciting but stressful time in your life.

Things are moving fast. Jobs come and go, and so do the friends. But with the loss comes even greater gains: new friends, career success, and a zest for greater ambitions. This might be the time for you to settle down, and in someplace that is not your parents’ house.

As college students, it is our goal to strive for what we’ve always wanted—to become a greater extension of our families. To be independent means many things to different people, but it is generally a term that means it is a chance to break off and live a life according to your own rules.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

That sounds exciting and all, but are you ready for it? You might think the first thing to consider is your schedule and the money in your bank account, but there is something that comes before all that. The amount of money in your account and how you deal with your schedule are all indicative of your sense of responsibility. That is what’s most important.

Responsibility takes on many forms. It means taking accountability for your actions when you know you’ve done wrong, and you’re not afraid to take a second chance and correct it. It also means understanding that kindness is a necessity in our world today and thus, taking a personal oath to take care of the people around you is the key to fulfillment.

Why is any of this important? Because the acknowledgment of responsibility is your declaration as an individual that your actions shape and contribute your community, and ultimately the world around you. Now that you can make an imprint, you should make one that’s worthwhile. This is something you should really take some time to think about.

Living alone comes with its sacrifices. The freedom of moving out is a breath of fresh air, but there will be somethings you will have to give up along the way. Far from your parents’ financial safety blanket, prioritizing how you chose to invest your money will become essential.

Impulse spending on the latest handbag or signature sneaker design is not going to fly anymore. Smarter investments in your electricity and water bill is essential for comfortable living.

However, probably the most important thing you’ll want to go over is exactly why you want to move out. Making a decision out of the blue to move out just because all your friends are doing it is not a good reason. There is certainly no reason to feel the need to rush something like this, as we will all be ready at one point or another to move out once the time is right. Don’t rush the process and go at your own pace.

Make sure the reason you have for moving out, whether personal or finance, is a justifiable reason to make this big step in your life. Moving out should reap more benefits than when you were living at home. It should not weigh you down with more cons than you already had.

Another important thing to consider is if you are able to psychologically cope with living on your own. Living on your own will definitely come with its stresses, including possible financial struggles and difficulty managing your time to take care of other responsibilities, such as cleaning.

Even the drastic change of environment may be anxiety-inducing. You’ll find yourself suddenly being thrust into the world all by yourself, away from friends and family. It can get lonely. Making time to prepare yourself mentally for this transition is essential for a smooth ride into adulthood.

These are just a few things that are worth looking into before you decide to move out. Things like these take time, money, and effort, and you should make sure you have all three of these things before making the transition.

With a little self-discipline, moving out to live on your own could be a life changing experience that you should enjoy every step of the way.

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