Your New Year’s Resolution for 2019

What Are your Plans for 2019?

By: Roseanne Cassar

Try something different with your New Year’s resolutions. (Credit:

The Christmas season is finally here and Mr. Jolly Christmas is working very hard getting his sleigh ready for the big day. Meanwhile, the big kids (a.k.a. adults) begin to get into the holiday spirit with parties, fun, laughs, family, friends, love and mistletoe for a sneaky little kiss.  

The Christmas holiday may be an uplifting event, but there is something that goes with Christmas as an aftermath, and it’s called having New Year’s resolutions.

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions every year in hopes to make or create change in or around their lives. People will make a list and check it twice on what they need to do to become a better person. People are so funny today: they will make the same resolutions, do it for a short period of time then give it up because they lost all of their will power, drive and motivation to stick with their promises.

It is a crying shame when that happens. But why settle on the same promises that everyone else makes? There is an interesting article to read if you’re looking to make New Year’s resolutions this year.

This article can help you make the right resolutions that fits your lifestyle. Also, you can pick and choose from a list of fifty common New Year’s resolutions that would not feel like you’re being too repetitious on your yearly resolutions. It can help you stick with whatever it is you want to work on.

Some examples of resolutions that are repetitive are getting in shape, eating healthier or eating less, stop procrastinating, be more active, and work on reducing stress. A good majority of people will make these common resolutions for the New Year.

Instead of following others by doing the same exact things, how about creating resolutions that would fit more into your lifestyle?  There are some good examples of what a person could do to make yourself a better person. For example, you can improve your concentration and mental skills. To do this, you can use apps to guide you on ancient meditation techniques to boost concentration and hone in on our mental skills.

This can help you control your mood, learn faster, and have an easier time solving problems. Another resolution is to meet new people. This idea would definitely be beneficial to you mental well-being and help your career. Also, you can work on becoming more confident and take some chances. This is a good idea for people who don’t think much of themselves when it comes to having confidence and who are not big risk takers.

So, if you decided to gain self-confidence, you would have a much happier life. Earn more money can also be something we can all work on. This resolution maybe a little bit tricky because this requires you to putting on your thinking caps. Everyone who works for a living wants to earn extra money!

But the question is how. All you need is the proper tools and strong strategies for earning additional money. It may take little or a lot of thinking with this resolution but you can come up with a creative or inventive idea that will work for you.

You can also learn how to dress with style. To dress with style can make you appear powerful and confident. You never know what can happen if you dress to play the part of how you want to feel. It can help you land a job or catch the eye of a lovely guy or girl.

Either way, the way you dress can make a difference. The clothes you wear does make a statement to others.  If you would like to read more about this, please go to for more information.

To all the CSI students and faculty, have a fun filled happy and healthy holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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