X-Treme Sports Event in…Buttermilk Mountain…?

By: Sammy Quarrato

x games

X-Games is underrated and should be given a chance as a platform for amateur/intermediate athletes. Photo Credit:

Did you ever have the desire to do daredevil sports or stunts that’ll put you in constant danger? Many people don’t either, but there are some out there that live for this sort of lifestyle.

There are your average “normies” or those who like to just spectate the build up, the drama, the celebrations, defeats, in general, experience the emotional part of sports, in general.

X-Games does all of the above, extreme daredevil events where multiple competitors will be facing off in winter games.

The X-Games are very similar in the theme of the Olympic Winter Games, but the actual concept is entirely different.

The Olympic Winter Games for the most part depends for the most part, on record time, except for a few exceptions with some sports, but it’s just overall who can do this track, race, trick the quickest.

The X-Games however put more concept into the risk factor and the rate of how extreme and entertaining those stunts are.

They have events such as the ski slopestyle, snowboard slopestyle, knuckle huck, etc. and other events that the Winter Olympic Games has never even bothered to put as events or at the very least main events where people train for years to perfect and to show the best of their ability to succeed in it.

X-Games also has a much more casual environment then the Olympic Winter Games, this has a more young crowd, more affordable, in America almost all the time, and they do the winter events every year alongside summer events.

X-Games is also a perfect way for younger people to start doing bigger events that can challenge their competence in sports in not just the physical sense, but also the emotional and spiritual parts of competing in events with the travel, crowds, anxiety of being recorded and an overall experience that not many individuals would even think about doing, it’s the stepping stone for the intermediate to even some pro daredevils to compete in to get their name out their at the very least.

The X-Games is also a competition that, again, encourages young people to train and compete, even Disney XD featured X-Games in late nights to get kids to become more active and thrive to be healthier.

If Disney out of all companies are aiding you by showing your events in their channel, when they can be seen in other channels such as ESPN and such, it has a unique charm that the industry is taking a good chance and advantage of in the X-Game’s running time.

Of course, safety has always been a priority within the X-Games despite the daredevil demeanor it enjoys to identify itself as but they probably do so because, yet again, Disney is partnered to show off their events and young talented people.

The improvements that the X-Games could make is more detailed commentary and overall background information discussing the events, specific stunts, athletes, area, etc.

Discussion creates ideas and ideas create content, and content is a must for anything that is entertainment related, if you don’t have something new or a fresh idea, people will find it bland and overall not fun to watch.

It’s why the olympics is viewed as more emotional and overall brimming with content but when you have shows such as Wipeout which have high ratings because of entertainment, and just enough background on the competitors for you to care for them, that’s content.

All in all, the X-Games is fun to watch for anyone interested into daredevils stunts or sports, but be aware that will probably be the most in-depth you’ll get with it.

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