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Is a Hoodrat the Only Thing on the Menu for a Baller?

Can a Baller Go Outside the Pattern of Dating Hoodrats?

By: Kyle Forbes

Male ballers could date a young successful woman too. (Credit:

Successful male ballers could enter the dating phase with successful woman. We see such a dating relationship between Jeezy the hip hop artist, and The Real co-host Jeannie Mai.

But then the question comes up during a brainstorm. What’s a baller and what’s a hood-rat?

Ballers are not only athletic players who bounce a ball most of the day and compete for championships. Merriam Webster describes a baller to be a wealthy and successful person who lives lavishly.

What’s a hoodrat? According to, a hoodrat is described to be someone who has sex with everyone in the “hood” or neighborhood.

I’ve been curious to find out if male ballers could date outside of the dating pattern of only dealing with female hoodrats. Jenkins has proven to have dated an American actress, Jasmine Sanders, and American singer, Keyshia Cole.

This dating phase came after Jenkins dated Tynesha Dykes who isn’t on the celebrity radar in the world of hip hop.

Next, I was curious to learn from a young baller’s dating history who was in the Young Money group, Tyga Michael Stevenson.

Tyga has dated a girl who was 16. Yes, Ms. Kylie Jenner who now can be viewed as a baller. Jenner is an American reality television personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality and has grown since the young romantic relationship.  

The two are also well-accomplished individuals, respectively.

Tyga then started dating a stripper who burst into the celebrity spotlight multiple times. Ms. Angela White also named Chyna has been recently known for being an American model, an entrepreneur and multi-mom to a few children.

Some may view Blac Chyna as a hoodrat who found her way to a level of stardom.

Another wealthy and successful individual is Drake, otherwise known as Aubrey Graham, who dated Zoe Kravitz.  

The two were at the Golden Globes in 2018. Graham had his arm wrapped around Zoe Kravitz shoulders. Another successful dating match that became a friendly relationship.

Graham has claimed to have dated the “In My Feelings” muse, Keshia Chante.

Graham views Chante, a Canadian singer as one of the first woman he dated in the industry. So, it seems as though ballers could date and work at the same time and enjoy a successful dating process together.

Graham doesn’t always go outside of his successful date-matching process. Zineb Nebby Samir has been said to be the reason for creating his song, “Best I Ever Had.”

Samir is also claimed to be the ‘aha!’ moment for making,“Look What You’ve Done” which is a song from his album, “Take Care.”

Of course, one of the most famous dating relationships Graham has had would come from Serena Williams who is also a baller. The Black Panther outfit she wore during one of her tennis matches proves she is also extravagant in the tennis court.

Graham has also tried to change a stripper, Maliah Michel, from working at the strip club. However, Michel didn’t want to stop living life as a pole dancer.

Graham has also dated Cat Washington, who is proud to remember herself as the only black woman in the video titled, “Best I Ever Had”, according to an interview from Hot 107.9 Philly.

The relationship has been said to last a year and a half, but Graham decided to explore other multiple romantic options.

Graham also went to Disneyland in disguise while dating Tyra Banks. Graham named the meeting a get-together since he declares he doesn’t know if it was a date.

Graham has also dated Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, Sophie Brussaux, and recently 18-year-old model, Bella Harris.

All of this information here explains how ballers could date other celebrities or successful individuals in the romance game.

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