“What Men Want”: Getting Inside a Man’s Mind

Taraji P. Henson Searches to Understand Men and Find Love

By: Roseanne Cassar

Taraji P. Henson stars as Ali Davis in “What Men Want” (Credit:

A new romantic comedy movie has recently hit theaters for Valentine’s Day.

Taraji P. Henson plays the leading role of Ali Davis. Henson gains the power to hear men’s silent thoughts after drinking an herbal Hattian tea and banging her head during a bachelorette party.

“What Men Want” is a remake of the film “What Women Want,” which starred Mel Gibson. In “What Women Want,” Gibson’s character could hear women’s inner thoughts, in contrast to Henson’s character in “What Men Want.”

According to the Washington Post, Henson portrays “Ali Davis, a self – absorbed Atlanta sports agent who will stop at nothing to sign an NBA draft pick after she is passed over for promotion at her firm.” She is very dominating since she is the only woman at the firm. She feels that she needs this extra edge to compete with the other men at the company.

Henson’s character Ali Davis discovered that her main problem was that she didn’t bond well with men, both in her work and personal life. After realizing that she has a definite problem with men, all of her friends that accompanied her at the bachelorette party suggest that she gets a psychic reading from a psychic called Sister, played by Erykah Badu. Badu is also psychic in real life.

During Ali’s reading with Sister, she confirms that Ali has a problem connecting with men and that she can help her overcome this by drinking a Hattian tea to help solve her problem.  Ali drinks some of the tea but not all of it and returns to the party to continue to have fun.

Ali was so plastered by all the drinks she was downing and she and her friends decided to get up and dance the night away on the dance floor.

Then suddenly, a blown up sized penis wacks Ali in the rear causing her to trip over her own feet, where she hits her forehead on the stage. Ali later wakes up in the hospital with the ability to hear men’s voices.

Ali was freaked out about her new sense and decided that she needed to talk to psychic Sister again because she felt that hearing men’s thoughts was not helping her at all. Sister found a way to make her client understand that listening to men’s thoughts could help Ali win over her male colleagues in the workplace and also help her find love as well.

After her pep talk with Sister, Ali is able to use her ability to hear the thoughts of an attractive bartender, played by Aldis Hodge and bring him home for the night. When things got hot and heavy, her mind-reading abilities enhanced her performance in bed and she was able to satisfy her lover for the night.

She is also able to read the minds of her male co-workers, which helps her to bond with them on their level. Through reading their minds, Ali is able to see their true feelings and find out that not everyone dislikes her. Some of her co-workers respect her and want her to succeed in her career.

Her mind reading skills have taught her how to deal with others and to be conscious of other people’s feelings. Ali has more self-confidence and feels good about herself.

Towards the end of the movie, Ali realizes her true potential and declares, “my self-worth is not going to come from a man’s approval.”

She later quits her job at the Sport Illustrator Company and creates her own corporation, making herself and two other people sports agents to continue to be competitive with her old company.

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