10 Ways to Boost Self-Confidence

New Ways to Build Confidence You Haven’t Thought About

By: Brianna McHugh

Confidence is created through self-love and consistent routine. (Credit:

Self-confidence is something everyone struggles with at some point in their life. A change in your everyday routine may be the difference between feeling down to feeling empowered.

Keeping track of your daily goals is a simple way to feel accomplished. In a notepad, create a weekly to-do list, and each day try to check off one goal. The action of checking off a goal is a sure way to be and feel more productive.

Looking in the mirror everyday may seem like it could do the opposite of achieving self-confidence. However, looking in the mirror everyday forces you to become comfortable in your own skin. Taking the time to say, “I love myself. I am important,” and repeating this positive affirmation can help boost self-confidence.

You should also invest your time in joining a club. Clubs are a great way to interact with people that have a shared interest. Many people that join clubs make lifelong friendships. Taking a step out of your comfort zone in order to reach out and socialize is a great first step.

Another way to boost confidence is to take a social media cleanse. Many people spend over two hours a day on social media platforms. The hours spent looking at other people’s lives may lead you to comparing yourself to others on a subconscious level. It is a sure way to get FOMO and feel left out. I strongly suggest a social media cleanse to put your life back into perspective.

Eating nutritious food is a great way to boost self-confidence. Greasy and heavy foods may be weighing you down and effecting your overall mood. Replacing an unhealthy meal with a nutrient-dense meal allows your body to be well nourished.

Also, exercising is a known way to boost your mood and self-confidence. Simple exercises can gradually lead to challenging yourself every day. Exercising can be done anywhere! It could be a simple home workout, a bike ride around the park, or even a jog around the block.

Yoga is a powerful tool to connect the mind and body. Setting a simple 10-60 minutes aside a day to focus on breathing techniques, mediation, and yoga poses can reduce anxiety and stress. There are free yoga videos via YouTube and free apps you can download on your phone that you can use to get into the routine of daily yoga.

Volunteering at a local animal shelter is also another option. Being surrounded by animals is a great way to feel the extra love. Animals supply an endless amount of love for those that take care of them. Also, giving back to the community allows you to feel accomplished and important.

You can also clean your bedroom. It might sound like another annoying chore your mom repeats to you. However, cleaning your room allows you to become organized. A clean-living space allows for clear thinking and a higher level of productivity.

Spend a night out with the girls or boys. Sometimes we distance ourselves from friends and family when we are not feeling our best. Put on a cute outfit and push yourself to go out with your closest friends. Being surrounded by people you are comfortable with can impact your mood in a positive way.

Confidence is not something that is gained overnight. In order to see results in yourself, you should keep a routine. Practice at least one thing on the list above for at least 30 days. Don’t give up—confidence can be built!

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