Can You Deal With Celebrity Status and Feel Healthy?

Balancing a Healthy Celebrity Lifestyle

By: Kyle Forbes

A healthy feeling of happiness could come from a role model status. (Credit:

Lebron James became a first generation money-maker at the age of 18. 

“Being a first generational money-maker in the household is a scary thing for an 18-year-old,” James said. “I went from sitting in classrooms and in May, graduating high school, to being a multi-millionaire a month later, in June, which is insane.” 

James was offered a 10 million dollar check from Reebok. The catch was that if James promised this sneaker company to not visit Nike or Adidas, he could accept the check. 

As the story goes, James accepted a check from Nike worth close to 90 million dollars. Thinking about positive future possibilities and decisions could benefit a person’s healthy way of functioning when under pressure. 

James later accepted endorsements from Beats, Intel, Sprite, and Kia. The Lakers star also became a spokesman and investor for Blaze Pizza. 

The Akron native also participates as a consumer of Unknwn, which is a sneaker and designer clothing retail company. James also partially owns a portion of Liverpool FC.  

Liverpool FC is a professional football club in Liverpool, England. 

There may also come a “Space Jam 2” sequel to the first “Space Jam” starring Michael Jordan, and the Looney Tunes characters. The Lakers star also participated in designing a $51,000 limited-edition watch. 

The professional basketball athlete also uses a cryotherapy chamber, which he uses for about two to three minutes to relieve pain and recover muscle function. 

But with all the wealth and fame, could such pressures always represent a healthy life? 

According to a study at the University of Rochester in New York, true happiness comes from having close relationships. The study also reports that true happiness comes from being involved in the lives of people in your community. 

However, James is wealthy and famous. Isn’t this supposed to be the definition of happiness for people coming from a poor backgrounds? 

Not always. According to a reading, “Being a Celebrity: A Phenomenology of Fame,” by Donna Rockwell and David C. Giles, a participant who experienced fame and had his fair share of views on the feeling of popularity. 

“Once you’re famous, you don’t make eye contact or you keep walking…and you just don’t hear [people calling your name].” 

Another participant who experienced the feeling of celebrity status had his views about the adaptive patterns. “I don’t want to go out if I don’t feel good about looking forward to meeting anybody or just being nice to people.” 

As suggested, there seems to be a relationship between popularity, health, happiness, and feeling the pressures of achieving goals. So, what could be the solution? 

Those participants who dealt with the world of celebrity life see their opportunity to “give back,” “inspire,” “role model,” or “make a difference” in the lives of others. 

According to the same reading: “You’ve got to realize that you’re just wearing the suit, that someone else wore it before you, that someone will wear it behind you, and that it’s only a suit.” 

Some celebrities report worrying about never feeling comfortable being themselves in public again. With Celebrity Worship Syndrome playing a role in 1/3 of the population and parasocial relationships developing with people of the public, holding onto a private life involves a certain surrender.

In order to deal with the tough attention, celebrities report creating two selves. One self is focused on a role offered to the public and the other made for moments of privacy and intimacy. 

One of Sean “Diddy” Combs Hitmen, LV, who is a producer in the hip-hop world has some advice. According to a Youtube video, his advice is that if you know yourself then you could deal with the pressures of instant fame.

Viewed by some people from the 80’s as a hip-hop legend in the game, Too Short also has some advice. According to a Youtube video, the advice he offers is to stick to the business of what gets you famous than trying to become famous. 

Sounds like hard working athletes and people like James and others know how to deal with the pressures of popularity, happiness and feeling healthy. James himself is reported to practically spend close to 1.5 million dollars for maintaining his physical health. 

To conclude, it is possible to achieve celebrity status and maintain a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, but it will take sacrifice and a willingness to rearrange your life in drastic ways.

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