Promising Progress for CSI Student Government

Maxwell Velikodny Aims to Improve the Experience at CSI

By: Sammy Quarrato

Progress is one of the main objectives that any campus, community or country wishes to make more than anything.

The fact of the matter is that progress is often difficult to upkeep and the type of progress has usually been a topic of debate and discussion for all those entities listed.

But what a vast majority of people in any of those places is that often when that progress is hindered or in a peak that cannot be broken through, change is often the first thing that comes to mind, usually for good reason as well.

CSI is no different and that is why Maxwell Velikodny who is now known as Senator will be one of the leading figures to lead that change into CSI.

Often, people do not find any reason as to why they should care at all for how their college campuses are maintained. One of the many issues that the campus has that could be quickly solved is the fact that the walkways for students, especially those with disabilities, that is a campaign promise.

An often overviewed program of CSI that the students should 100% back up is our funding for the study abroad program that Senator Velikodny wishes to put a great amount of his efforts in.

He stated the lack of funding we receive compared to other CUNY Colleges simply put, “Disgusting that we don’t get anywhere near the funding that the other CUNY Colleges receive.”.

A strong statement, yes, but that’s something that a student government needs, or any type of government that wishes to keep progress as consistent and as beneficial as possible. We finally have probably one of the biggest concerns with the college, or any college at that matter is the tutoring, those students who are struggling in a particular subject or class and reach out to those are experts in those fields, the problem is that it isn’t helping and that alone should concern every single individual on campus, period.

You cannot have a successful academic foundation much less a functioning college without those tutors being lead toward the correct direction and/or find those who are willing to put more effort into this job because in some sense, it’s a part of the back bone of CSI and every college in America.

The election for Student Government has already happened, but that doesn’t mean we should forget about it until the next election, it means that we need to be on top of Student Government just like our own government at this present time, and be as hawkish as possible, because any government without people voicing out their opinions don’t know what to do and will possibly take that as complete satisfaction with what we have.

It’s not to say we should constantly moan and groan about silly things that a college campus couldn’t and even shouldn’t at some cases provide us services that practically does every single thing for us.

But it does mean that we should always be in some ways, a constructive critic but also at the same time a staunch supporter of what the student government does, because that’s how we stay unified and have clear cut goals for this place. There’s of course many more Senators that have been elected and the Banner will cover each of their goals and activities to remind ourselves and to keep the college up to date on what they plan to do for us.

But the most important thing to remember about any of this is that progress is key.

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