There’s a New Club in Town

All You Need to Know about the CLIP Dolphin Club

By: Valerie Gonzalez

When was the last time you felt like an outsider or that you didn’t belong? College is or can be a really difficult time if you are going through it alone, now imagine you must go through that but also not knowing English properly.

The CLIP Dolphin Club is a brand-new Club on campus that not only offers you support but it offers you a family you can count on when you are, or feel like, an outsider in college.

President, Syed Raza, and the Vice-President, Manal Naj, of CDC shared great memories and information about CDC and the benefits you get from joining them.

“The idea of opening a club came to our minds because we always felt like outsiders,” is how the president of the CDC Club explained how they introduced the idea of the CDC.

“We all wanted to have a space to come together and feel comfortable because it all started when we were ESL students.”

CDC is a club that welcomes every single student from CSI, but also has members that are ESL students.

Often, ESL students are uncomfortable with making connections or friends, so CDC is giving them the opportunity to get to know people that have gone or is going through the same process.

In addition, the club decided to make it their mission to inform their members about a lot of benefits, opportunities, tutoring and support for their needs on campus.

“Meeting new people and new cultures is what inspired us the most, we are a very diverse group,” explained one of the leaders. CDC is an open space for every culture, religion, beliefs, and personality, they want everyone to feel at home whenever they get to the meetings and or to the events.

CDC also has answers to every question you have regarding financial aid, counseling, tutoring and guidance. It is important to recognize that you don’t have to be an ESL student to be part of CDC, “the doors are open to everyone.”

Their main goal is to make everyone feel at home and give everyone the support and guidance they’re asking for, they have all been in your shoes and are willing to be there for you as much as they wanted someone to be there for them when they needed it.

Joining a club in college can give you the best opportunities in your professional career or personal development.

What better chance to join a club or group that will give you a taste of different cultures, languages and experiences.

At the end of the day we all look for ways to fulfill our knowledge and will make us feel better and more secure about ourselves.

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