April Fools!

Mother Trucker, Dude! Vine is Going on Tour

Viral Vine creators Will Tour North America in 2020

The Vine tour begins next January. (Credit: fifteendesign.co.uk)

Are you still mourning over the loss of Vine, the six-second video sharing app in which hundreds of viral videos were born?

Its users were devastated over the 2017 announcement that the app was shutting down. However, its legacy lived on through other video sharing networks, such as Instagram and Youtube, where users posted their favorite vines in compilations.

Up until now, this was the only way to share these revolutionary bits of comedy. But on April 1, Dom Hofmann, one of Vine’s original creators, announced that he was putting together a tour to promote the upcoming app Byte (originally called Vine2, or V2).

The tour will include an array of viral Vine performers, who will recreate their videos in stadiums throughout North America.

Hofmann stated that this tour was funded by the generosity of both the performers and Vine fans through a GoFundMe campaign, which was entitled “Raising Money for VINE 2.”

The shows will surely be a delight to audience members. The performers will act out legendary Vines on large stages without props, to remind audiences of the creative minds behind the videos they know and love.

For example, the vine “Look at all those chickens!” will be performed without chickens.

Although Hofmann was originally concerned about lack of participation from Vine makers, he was thrilled by the overwhelming response he received and was no longer worried about having a show that ran too short.

From the large, still-growing list of performers, Hofmann estimates that the show will run for a whopping ten minutes.

“I’m so excited for this Vine tour,” said one CSI student, who wished to remain anonymous after revealing she had only ever watched Vine videos on Youtube and Instagram. “It’s a little long so I might get tired halfway through. It’s just so many Vines to watch.”

Other fans expressed their concerns over the ten-minute length of the show, but Hofmann ensured them that there would be an intermission right at the halfway point. This is critical not only for a restless audience, but for the performers, as some of them will be acting out multiple Vines.

The show will start with rare Vines, prompting audience members to expand their Vine horizons, and will slowly lead into unforgettable classics such as “Stop, I could’ve dropped my croissant” and “Hurricane Tortilla.”

Some recurring performers during the show include Jay Versace, who is famous for balancing everyday objects (such as vacuum cleaners) on his head during his videos. He has expressed that it will be difficult to recreate his Vines without those props, but he is “rehearsing harder than ever to give the audience the best live Vine experience yet.”

Despite the overwhelming number of performers, some incredibly famous Viners have declined to join the show. Tish Simmonds, creator of the original viral video “I’m in me mum’s car, broom broom,” says she “just [doesn’t] see the point without the car.”

The cast of “Come get y’all juice” has also turned down the offer due to safety concerns.

The tour is expected to kick off on New Year’s Day 2020 in New York City, to honor the hero of widely-underrated vine “Finally made it to New York City,” who was pecked to death by a pigeon the day after Vine shut down.

The tour will perform several times in New York and will make its way through the East Coast before travelling west. While there were plans in place to reach all 50 states, the Viners expressed concerns over travelling to Hawaii by tour bus, and the shows were postponed until further accommodations could be made.

If you are a die-hard Vine fan, this will be the tour you won’t want to miss. For more information, you can contact Dom Hofmann on any social media app except Vine, since it no longer exists.

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