April Fools!

Top 5 BEST Places to Take Your Lover

Unconventional, Yet Romantic Date Ideas

By: Samiha Charles

    You’re at home with your lover, bored, sexed out and tired of watching the same reruns of “The Office”- even though deep down inside you know you’ll never get tired of Michael Scott.

Your lover is starting to get fed up with this ongoing routine. You need to spice things up!

Find something new to do or new places to go, but with so many places out there, it may be difficult to figure out where to start.

Well, worry no more because we have the answers to your problems. Here are the top 5 best places to take your significant other:

But when is it my turn, Sam sighed out loud. Photo credit: Flickr.com

  1. The Morgue: Unless you and your boo aren’t into ghosts, this is the perfect place to take them.

Trust me, this will allow each other to open up the skeletons in their closet and intensify that spark that your relationship didn’t know you needed. Who knows, you may even get a discount on your next funeral service. (with your local mortician in case you ever need to have a funeral service for you or your lover. )

“No girl’s gonna see me in football” he uttered gently to himself. His first words since the tackle 14 months ago. Photo Credit: Twitter.com

  1. A football game: Nobody wants to see you and your sweaty friends getting excited over a bunch of guys fighting over pigskin.

But it will allow your lover to see another side of you. The raging, obsessive and emotional side of you that you may not show on a regular basis. This may give your lover a different perspective about you, but who knows, your partner may even enjoy the pastime just as much as you do.

“This opening act for baby shark is weird…” Photo Credit: musicthatisgood.com

  1. Mosh Pit: Yes- it’s sweaty and there’s a lot of shoving going on, but it’ll only bring the two of you closer.

And by that I mean you two will literally be pushed into each other by other moshers.  But the music is nice and the atmosphere really does accentuate that intense, raw emotion you both never knew you had. Just be sure to bring a first aid kit with you

“You make artisanal soaps too?” Photo Credit: google.com

  1. A Fight Club: First rule of fight club, bring your girlfriend to fight club. Second rule of fight club, unless you want your lover to see a group of angsty, grown men who think depression makes them deep roughing each other up, I suggest you have them wait outside.

Or better yet, have them watch but beware, The toxicity levels at fight club reach an all time high, and the masculine energy may be too much for them to handle.

Here it is: remember to tuck in your cross- her basement gets real moody about those. Photo Credit: google.com

  1. Your Ex’s house: What better way to know more about your significant other’s past, then to meet them face to face.

You thought fight club was rough, well you’re about to be in for the ultimate brawl. Go back to the very spot where your lover awkwardly lost their virginity.

Take a trip down memory lane about all those wild times you’ve had with them, share some funny stories, like that one time they accidentally called you by their name, good times.


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