Sex and Relationships

A Closer Look at the Colorful Spectrum of Relationships

There is Something for Everyone

By: Rachael Gath

There are many types of romantic relationships one can explore. Photo Credit:

It’s comes down to when we’ll be having sex, how much sex are we having, or none at all.

Non-virgins seek relationships mostly for intimacy, love, and sensuality. They won’t be in a relationship knowing they wouldn’t have sex at all. Relationships are all about having that certain connection with a special person.

However, for non-virgins it isn’t always about staying with one person only. It can go as far as having open relationships, one night stands, and friends with benefits.

Open relationships are about having a sexual encounter with your partner as well with others. Open relationships are common because people like to explore more experiences with different people. According to, Hollywood celebrity stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been in an open relationship before.

 One night stands are defined as having a sexual encounter with someone a person has just met. Normally, when one is in a relationship and both partners get into a fight, and one of them usually gives into having a one night stand with someone they meet in a bar or a club and has sex with that person, although it means nothing to them.

When one is at a club, they usually look for somebody to have a good time with and try to hook up with them and that encounter usually turns out to be a one night stand.

 Friends with benefits are about two people who are just looking to have sex and nothing more than that. They don’t want to be in a relationship nor do they want to express their feelings for one another. For example, the movies, “Friends with Benefits” and “No Strings Attached” are great examples that show what friends with benefits actually means.

Most virgins want to be in a relationship, but sex is not there only goal. Some virgins wait for marriage to have sex while others do not. Some virgins don’t feel it’s their time to have sex yet because they don’t feel they’re mentally ready for it yet.  

Asexual couples are people who are in relationships but do not have sexual encounters with one another. They are not attracted to anyone sexually. They can be in a relationship, as long as there is no sexual intimacy.

A married couple are two partners who have become committed to one another with a through a religious ceremony. Although most marriages are successful, some are not because they don’t feel the same connection they once had with that person.

This is due to one person realizing that they their sex life with that person just isn’t the same anymore and the relationship has become unfulfilling.

Communication helps a person talk about their problems so that people can be there for each other. Out of all the things you could be apart of, such as friends with benefits, one night stands, open relationships, communicating what a person desires and needs is key.

Besides sexual activities, one can do fun activities with their partner such as going to the movies, the beach, or even going on a dinner date. They can even go on road trips and travel to new exciting places together. By doing these activities, a couple can get to know each other by learning new things about one another and developing a spiritual connection.

Generally, relationships can be boring if there is no sexual interaction going on. Sometimes, one of the partners in a relationship pressures the other into having sex when they don’t want to. Also, relationships can go on without sexual intercourse if both sides are in agreement that not having sex is something they both want.

Overall, there are plenty of options out there and a relationship to satisfy almost anyone is possible.



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