Igniting Dolphin Cove Spirit

New Programs at Student Housing

By: Brendan Pirando

CSI Dolphin Cove students experienced new programs and made new friends this Spring semester.
Photo Credit: Brendan Pirando

The Dolphin Cove is a place at CSI where people who dorm can sleep, eat, work out, study, and even bridge a sense of community between residents from each hall. This past semester, some Dolphin Cove Resident Assistants had plans to spark a connection between the dorms.

Now that summer is approaching and winter has ended, indoor and outdoor programs for the dorm residents have been created. During March, a basketball program began at the Dolphin Cove which ushered in a new feeling of spirit.

Resident Assistant Brendan Pirando created CSI March Madness, which had residents of each Residency Hall play each other for bragging rights. The student had the passion to not only get the students active and motivated, but also to create a community for CSI’s housing residents.

The idea was to get the best players from the North Dorm and the South Dorm to go head-to-head and have a evening filled with excitement and drama.

North vs. South basketball is a program that started for the first time this year. It was held in 1R and included a sign up of 30 people.

At around 6:30pm, the first round of games began.

The program would did not end until about 9:00 pm, and everyone stayed until the end. This was an exciting turnout for the members of the Dolphin Cove.

Two teams from the South and two teams from the North would play to have the better of the two play each other in a final North v. South.

The participation from each resident was phenomenal, and the students were shocked about how the final game went down. The game went back and forth.

Ultimately, the North Hall beat the South Hall during the last game on Resident Michael Mackie’s buzzer beater to end the game 50-47. Michael was elated about the whole experience and was happy that he got off the last shot.

After the highly anticipated event,  Resident Chandler Stroud was interviewed. He is a student who came to CSI from Louisiana and was asked what he thought about the program.

Stroud said he had made a lot of friends and that it was such a great time. “Dolphin Cove should do more programs like this and the sense of spirit and atmosphere in the dorms seems to have changed. Everyone feels a little more proud that they live here on campus.”

During May, there will be the North Hall vs. South Hall World Series a wiffle ball game between the two buildings.

The athletic programs are not the only fun events that have been created at CSI Student Housing.

Throughout the year, two RA’s named Monnique and Shanice hosted a Sip and Design program. This event included snacks, beverages, and designing t-shirts for yourself or a stuffed animal.

Another event that occurred at the Dolphin Cove was a Midnight Breakfast. Students got together to help make pancakes at midnight.

These events showcase the opportunity to live a connected and fun college life at CSI’s Student Housing.

In short, everyone seems to want to have more events and athletic programs for the dorms-especially keeping it between the two buildings since it ignites a sense of pride of which building they live on campus.

Hopefully, this will set the tone for future athletic and extracurricular activities for students at the dorms to participate in in the coming semesters.  

For more information about CSI Student Housing during the summer session, visit

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