Look, Mom, I’m on the Radio!

WSIA Staten Island is Recruiting New Members

By: Lauren Silverman

WSIA is located in room 106 in Building 1C. Photo Credit: WSIA Facebook

Are you interested in getting involved at CSI, but want something more than a regular club? Look no further than WSIA, Staten Island’s only FM radio station, which operates on the CSI campus.

The radio station was created in the mid-1970s and officially started broadcasting on August 31, 1981. Since then, students have taken advantage of the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with radio broadcasting and media.

Due to its non-commercial nature, WSIA’s mission is educational and informative. It provides listeners with “diverse programming,” according to, and allows local and less popular musicians to gain some exposure on the air.

Students can also listen to WSIA for information about upcoming events and news regarding the College of Staten Island.

Becoming a member of WSIA has a variety of benefits that will enhance your experience as a CSI student.

“When students join WSIA,” says Seamus Hughes, WSIA’s News Director, “they get the chance to not only host their own radio shows, but they can get experience for their careers- not just communications students but business, computer science, and more. You learn how a radio station functions as a business.”

Members of WSIA must complete a minimum of three hours on-air per week, as well as two hours of station work per week. All members must pass a written test and on-air certification in order to start their own show.

But the benefits of joining WSIA go well beyond academic benefits.

“[Members] also get the chance to make lifelong friendships with the people who are on the air with them,” says Hughes. “We also get to hear new releases first.”

Music lovers have a definite place at CSI’s radio station. New music is added to the on-air CD racks daily, and the station receives enough music that fans of every genre are sure to be pleased.

In addition to physical CDs, WSIA also plays digital submissions.

Not only does WSIA play music by up-and-coming artists of every genre from pop to metal- the station ensures that local Staten Island artists get air time as well. WSIA gladly accepts submissions from musicians in the area.

In addition to a radio show, members also have the opportunity to pursue leadership positions in one of several departments including personnel, programming, business, news, and music. These departments allow students of different academic backgrounds to apply their knowledge and skills while gaining experience as an on-air DJ.

Shows are not limited to music. Members can also host sports shows, talk shows, and even record interviews with guests (such as local musicians and performers).

Despite the ever-changing nature of modern media, college radio stations like WSIA have shown that radio is still relevant and necessary.

“Radio is important as a medium that has lasted over 100 years and outlasted dozens of audio technologies like cassette tapes and records,” says Hughes. “I find that we learn about what it is to be human from radio.

“Specifically with radio shows from NPR and other talk stations. We hear people’s life stories and what makes them tick. I feel like with TV, you can’t do that.”

If you want to hear your fellow CSI students on the air, you can tune to 88.9 on your FM dial, listen to the live stream at, or download the TuneIn app and search for WSIA.

If you are a CSI student maintaining a 2.0 GPA or above, you are eligible to join WSIA as an on-air DJ. You can visit the station, which is located in Room 106 in the Campus Center, any time during business hours (9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday) to learn more about life at the station.

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